Advice for Our Short Haired Brides

by Karen

Lovely ladies, today we are chatting about wedding haircuts and hairdos for all of you who have short or bobbed hair.
Check out any wedding magazine or website, and you will see a wide variety of wedding dresses, everything from Gatsby, mermaid and princess to extravagant, empire and Grecian. Pay extra attention to the fact that the vast majority of these ladies have long hair, many of them with braids.
While long, flowing locks or braided tresses are wildly popular among today’s brides, there are just as many amazing hairdos for you short haired gals. We have so many customers who are lovers of the Gatsby era; the short styles and bobs look incredible with these gowns. However, Edwardian style dresses are made for medium locks like those you’ve probably seen adorning Lady Mary from the “Downton Abbey” series.
This begs the question of what our ladies with the short haircut and vintage style dress should do since our closet here at is chock full of couture wedding dresses. Our recommendation: style as you would with longer hair. Take some wax or pomade and gather the hair at the back of your head. Use a lovely veil to accent your layers or bangs. This trick will help you to achieve the effect of the hair bunch without needing weaves or extensions.
Here are few more tricks taken from Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. Pull the top section of hair behind your ears while letting the rest wave free and flowing. This type of hairdo is well suited for Edwardian inspired gowns. Of course, the 1920s and 1930s types of dresses look especially good on traditional brides with bobbed haircuts.
And for those of you who prefer the couture dresses by Nataya, the sky is the limit regarding your wedding day hairdo. Long, short, wavy, straight, whatever style you prefer will look absolutely stunning with any of Nataya’s dresses.
Did you know that there are more than 250 styles for the bobbed haircuts? Experiment with your hairstyle and color prior to your wedding day. Just make sure that you have time to change the color and length if needed.
Shorthaired ladies actually have more flexibility to change their hairstyle on the actual wedding day. Choosing the right stylist is essential. A true professional will make you glow with any hairstyle and any dress.

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