The accessories to shape your silhouette

by Karen

It’s not a secret, some gals are used to finding faults with themselves, especially when it comes to their pretty figures. Some skinny gals think they’re too skinny and start wearing shapeless garments to add extra pound and others (with tempting features) try to slim their silhouettes and use corsets too often. In the last case, the corset fashion can result in surgery problems because the gals tighten up the corset too hard. We’ve already shared many ideas on how to disguise the figure flaws. But have only “dropped” a few words about such things as accessories. And any fashion stylist will tell you that “accessories” not only deserve a paragraph, but an entire “chapter” in the history of high fashion.
Vintage Fashion Style Dress
Most stylists know the tricks to conceal figure flaws not only using the lingerie but also using the perfect accessories. Bags, clutches, scarves, jewelry and even sunglasses can make you slimmer and, controversially, give the necessary volume where you have the obvious flaws. The petite ladies should give all preferences to tiny details which, should be obvious and stand out. The Cleopatra style snake bracelet worn on the upper part of your arm is perfect for “art-deco” or “la belle époque” styled gowns. Remember this rule: your figure mustn’t look overloaded and such detail as the aforementioned bracelet must not be lost amongst your other accessories. Hats, glasses, jewelry, handbags and glasses should also be of either small or medium sizes. Ornamental prints, patterns or embroidery should also be of tiny or medium sizes.
vintage style prom gown
The short gal with a plump figure will look perfect with the cross shoulder bags on her hips or a medium sized reticule tailored in modest Victorian style. So the Titanic inspired dress+ reticule make a great set for the coming retro inspired affair! Avoid wearing purses with straps that finish at your underarm line. This style of accessories work well only for the tallish gals who have worn tightly fitted sets. This everlasting rule however has been known to fail at times. Now the runway shows demonstrate the giant handbags with the straps and most gals are used to carrying such bags on their elbows. The aforementioned style will emphasize your silhouette only with high heels and again this accessory shouldn’t be too gigantic. The tiny and petite ladies shouldn’t match large pendants with wide belts. The skinny “Thumbelina” will look perfect with big jewelry on her neck or chest. But her belt should be very tiny. Yet if the petite lady has a massive bust line she should prefer a graceful and tiny pendant and a wide belt without a gigantic buckle.
Vintage Fashion Boho Style Dress
Actually, speaking of wide belts, they’re great for any figure type. In most of cases the belt helps to create the illusion of an hourglasses figure. But the corset style belt even with a puffy blouse will also tighten up the waist line. A wide belt on your hips will provide the necessary extra pounds to the skinnies, whereas the belts with the bows under the bust line will give the illusion of a plumper bust. If your bust has an “overweight” massive size, you should accentuate the lower part of your body using the aforementioned belt with a massive buckle. Remember these three donts: Do not wear upper waist accessories, do not wear pockets on your bust line, do not use volumizing scarves! Viceversa, the boho style prints, applications, pockets on your skirt, trousers or huge buttons will balance your figure silhouette. If you want to disguise big hips, you should do otherwise: prints, pockets and scarves should be applied to the upper parts of your body. The tie is the perfect decision for the retro inspired gals who have both a massive bust and hips, and even…a little belly. Stockings and panty hoes with vertical retro inspired lines in black or dark grey will slim the legs whereas the beige or ivory will look great on the skinny ladies without such lines. Quite the contrary, the gals with thin legs should wear lace-styled stocking with the horizontal ornaments. The gals with thin legs should not wear rockabilly inspired platforms or shoes with massive bottoms as they tend tomake the lower part near the ankles look like hoofs. You should give your preference to such shoes as high-heeled ankle shoes or boots built on thin heels. The gals with massive shoulders and short necks should not put scarves or kerchiefs onto their necklines. The long 1920’s inspired string of pearls or chains will look perfect like no other accessory. Those dames with swan necks will look great with scarves, mandarin collars and round-neck dresses or blouses. But the gals with swan necks are used to making the same mistake: they try to combine chains with scarves or several strings of jewelry, thus, making their necks look massive resulting in a Christmas tree look.

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