A Voyage in Fashion

As it was in 1912, ladies. The Titanic, the largest passenger ship, set to sea in this marvelous year. It marked history by attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean carrying almost 2,300 people. Ultimately the ship did not make it and sank in the early morning hours of April 15th. Before the ship sank, the world of opulence was in full swing. First class positions on this ship were the stylish place to be.
A Voyage in Fashion A Voyage in Fashion
The voyage continues in these outfits of a time long ago. Imagine, you are in your stateroom, and this is the dress you have picked out for the night. How would you accessorize it? Would you choose a necklace like in the movie or possibly a string of pearls? If you went with a large precious stone necklace, this would be a great choice: with the matching cocktail ring over a pair of white elbow length glove.
A Voyage in Fashion A Voyage in Fashion
Don't forget the proper coat for strolling outside on the deck. A long Bohemian Fur Collar Coat like this one would be excellent on the deck of the Titanic. Though the sinking of the ship was a tragedy; the movie brought back a perfect feel for the fashion of the day. Ladies everywhere are trying to duplicate this style. WardrobeShop.com is the perfect place to find all your Titanic era clothing and accessories in one shop. Pairing coats and dresses with shoes and hats and other accessories will keep the voyage sailing.

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