A Guide to Fall & Winter Clothing Colors

by Karen

A Guide to Fall & Winter Clothing Colors

Colder temperatures make it easy to only wear neutral colors. One of the reasons that black, gray, and brown are wardrobe staples is because they pair easily together - no effort needed. While an all-black ensemble can look chic from time to time, you don’t want to let your fall and winter wardrobe fall into a dull, boring rut. Instead, add seasonal pops of color into your wardrobe to add depth and dimension to all of your favorite cold-weather outfits. If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe for the coming cold season, you’re in luck. This article will cover this season’s most popular winter colors and also tell you exactly what to pair them with so you always look right on-trend.

Starting with Neutrals

Black and White aren’t the only two neutral tones. Shades of Gray and shades of Brown are similarly adaptable colors that look great with many different fall and winter colors. Neutrals always look great when paired with other neutrals. Wear too many neutrals too often, however, and your closet can quickly become drab and uninteresting. It may seem counterintuitive, but neutrals are a great place to start when building a colorful fall and winter wardrobe. The contrast created between these year-round colors and decadent autumnal tones is what truly pulls an outfit together. Browns naturally complement opulent, warm colors, while grays can add a bit of edge and mystery. In general, a good rule of thumb is to pair black with darker colors only. When it comes to white, don’t feel like you can’t wear this crisp hue during colder months. Once upon a time, women believed that wearing white after Labor Day was a fashion faux-pas. Safe to say that is no longer the case. Now, creamy shades of ivory and other winter whites look exquisite when paired with decadent pops of color.

Fall & Winter’s Most Popular Colors

As a general rule, jewel tones are the perfect pick if you’re looking to add color into your fall or winter wardrobe. Although incredibly eye-catching, they also exude a certain sophistication and refinement that is somehow very appropriate for wear during chilly winter months. To breathe new life into your wardrobe, try to incorporate timeless pieces that feature the following colors:

Burgundy / Oxblood

Burgundy is a rich, dark shade of red. A popular variation of burgundy is “oxblood,” a dark, ruby red color with subtle purple undertones. Both of these exquisite autumnal colors are incredibly flattering and effortlessly complements a range of skin tones. Like other popular fall and winter colors, they occur organically in nature and are rich, decadent, and refined. Pairs Well With… Burgundy is a color that works well with a variety of other colors. Whites and ivories, for example, contrast beautifully with a rich shade of red. With that said, nothing works better with burgundy than colors like brown, gold, and dark orange. Burgundy floral prints have also recently risen in popularity. These breathtaking patterns have a breezy appearance that allows you to bring bohemian style into colder months. How To Wear It… Burgundy works best when complemented by neutrals or shades of brown. Pairing a burgundy skirt with a camel-colored sweater will create a chic, work-appropriate look that will never go out of style. For something more casual, style a decadent burgundy sweater with black cigarette pants and a trench coat for a look that will transition easily into fall and winter.


Just as the name suggests, Sapphire is the same color as a brilliant blue sapphire gemstone. Although it is usually a dark color, it has a bit of a brighter “blue” tone than Navy Blue typically does. Rich and decadent, Sapphire garments looks best when they’re manufactured from a luxurious fabric like satin, silk, or a heavy knit. Pairs Well With… Sapphires cool undertones mean that it looks impeccable when styled with silver jewelry. A silver statement necklace or earrings - perhaps that feature a touch of sparkle - will breathe new life into your sapphire pieces. Keep an eye out for items that feature sapphire and black color blocking - they’re sure to be incredibly figure flattering and make you look right on-trend. How To Wear It… Although it looks beautiful with other colors, Sapphire is a color that works best when it is the main event. A head-to-toe look that features this enchanting shade of blue will make you impossible to ignore. Try wearing a sapphire blue evening dress to your next formal event. Or, add sapphire into your everyday wear in the form of a bold sweater dress or blazer.


Although the name may not sound very elegant, Mustard is an on-trend color choice that is exceptionally stylish. This gorgeous golden color has depth and dimension, but also is a bright and eye-catching color choice for times when you want to make a statement. Its muted and dusty undertones make it the perfect pop of color if you want to set your fall and winter wardrobe apart from everyone else’s. Pairs Well With… Any mustard ensemble will look beautiful when accessorized with gold or rose gold jewelry. Even items that feature a tortoise shell print will look stylish when paired with this opulent yellow hue. When it comes to other colors, stay away from black. Instead, pair mustard-colored separates with colors like white, ivory, light gray, or tan. How To Wear It… A mustard sweater worn with a basic tee, jeans, and a pair of riding boots is a classic Fall look that will go anywhere with ease. If you decide to wear a mustard dress instead, break up the bold color a bit by wearing a leather belt at the waist or a neutral-colored scarf at the neck.

Hunter Green / Emerald Green

Hunter Green is one of those fall and winter colors that is continually in style season after season. The reason is simple: this color looks exceptional on practically everyone. This color’s dark nature gives it an opulent appearance, while the green tones give it an earthy finishing touch. Emerald Green is a brighter, more true shade of green that is slightly bolder and more pronounced. Both of these colors look beautiful when incorporated into any fall or winter wardrobe. Pairs Well With… Hunter Green looks beautiful when paired with black and white. With that said, it also looks bohemian and earthy when worn with dark browns and materials like leather or faux fur. If you’re opting instead for Emerald, allow it to take center stage. It looks nice when paired with neutrals, but even better when it stands alone as the focal point of your entire outfit. How To Wear It… A Hunter Green blouse, black trousers, and tortoise shell earrings will come together to create a work-place ready look that is on-trend enough to transition easily into happy hour. If you have a more upscale event on the horizon, find select an elegant Emerald Green dress or gown. The color is sophisticated yet unexpected, meaning all eyes will be on you when you enter the room.


Sweet and stylish, Mauve is a super-chic color that makes a statement in the best way possible. This dark, dusty shade of pink allows you to feel feminine and ladylike while still coming off as incredibly fashion-forward. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of Mauve into your wardrobe - it’s a fun way to bring a brighter, cheerier color into your cold-weather wear. Pairs Well With… Ivories and winter whites pair perfectly with Mauve. You’ll also find that nearly every shade of gray complements Mauve’s dusty undertones. Stick with lighter, brighter tones when it comes to creating an outfit that features this color. How To Wear It… A luxurious mauve sweater will look stylish when paired with white skinny jeans and gray riding boots - plus, this outfit allows you to bring your summer whites into winter. If you’d prefer to incorporate just a pop of this refined pink hue, top your outerwear looks off with a chic scarf or a trendy mauve beret.


Teal is a surprising color that is on the cutting-edge of current trends. If you’ve never considered wearing Teal, it’s definitely time to reconsider your stance. Sometimes referred to as “Peacock,” this versatile jewel tone is an enchanting shade of blue-green that is exciting and fashion-forward without ever looking over-the-top. Pairs Well With… Teal is a statement-making color. With that said, it pairs well with bold neutrals like black, true white, or both. While gray and brown can complement this color, it’s much easier to create a cohesive outfit that features black, white, and Teal color blocking. How To Wear It… Wearing Teal will set you apart in the best way possible. Once again, this color looks great when worn to elegant, upscale events. A classy Teal dress with minimal touches of jewelry is perfectly on-trend for fall or winter. With that said, a teal blouse or sweater is an easy way to add this exceptional color into your workwear or more casual outfits.

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