7 Extra Sexy Vintage Inspired Styles

by Karen

Good Old Hollywood Classics have always played important roles in the wardrobes of modern beauties. But it's not necessary to be a podium diva, or to have the personal stylist and consultant in order to create your personal image for a certain occasion or for the rest of life… Everything extra sexy and stylish is very close and easy-to-get. Below are the 7 sexy vintage inspired images for your most significant occasions.

1. 20’s Inspired Baroque Image

To create this image you can wear Nataya Baroque Dress and “Free Waves” hairstyle. Try to use only transparent hair clips to fix the hairdo. The most suitable makeup pattern for the eyes is light beige colors.
20’s Inspired Baroque Image vintage fashion dress

2. Glamorous vintage inspired flapper style

Do you remember good old fashioned Hollywood movies with the crazy flapper dancers? Casual short dress plus peach makeup can turn you into a vintage inspired flapper. To finish this image use “flapper bob” or “finger waves” hair styles.
Glamorous vintage inspired flapper style

3. Old Hollywood Inspired Diva

To play this role does not mean you're an out-of-date and out-of-fashion lady whose over 90. Anybody can look stunning using Old Hollywood Inspired Diva Looks and you can do this by wearing the Swan Dress by Nataya. This dress is both good for “Smoky eye” makeup and daily light peach or beige makeup. The only thing you need to have is retro black high heel shoes.

Old Hollywood Inspired Diva

4. Titanic Inspired Vamp Look

Nobody could believe that the boat that once sank can make fashionistas storm ecommerce shops looking for the right Titanic inspired dresses. Artisan Dress by Nataya is right for the vintage fashion geeks. Best appropriate makeup idea is definitely “cat eye”.
Titanic Inspired Vamp Look

5. Vintage Inspired Gothic Siren

Best idea both for romantic date and graduation ball. Evening Empire Doll Dress by Nataya can match different ages and styles. You may apply new image of gothic siren along with dark grey or black “smoky eye” makeup.
Vintage Inspired Gothic Siren

6. Lady in red

Along with the image of short black dress by Coco Chanel, Lady in red has become a classic. Not necessary to be a makeup artist, you can just rouge your lips up and apply the mascara of grey or black colors. Take Empire Red Ball Gown By Nataya and you will complete the look.
Vintage Fashion Empire Red Ball Gown By Nataya

7. Transparent Red Ghost

Expecting Halloween time you can try the image of Red Transparency. Try Nataya Bohemian Top and apply simple daily makeup using lip glow of red colors. You will love it!
Transparent Red Ghost Nata Bohemian Top
Anyone can turn into unique vintage inspired beauty using the right gowns and applying the right makeup. You can do it because that lady is living within.

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