The 7 Best Empire-Style Dresses by Nataya

by Karen

We recently “made a historical excursion” into the world of Empire-style dresses. If you want a small piece of the “histoire de la moda,” you will definitely love the story of this style. But not every Nataya dress in the Empire style was mentioned in that earlier blogpost. Nataya’s Summer 2012 Collection is now full of new models waiting for happy owners.
So, let us begin the new catalog reviews:
Empire-style silhouettes conceal plumper bellies and hips quite well, and they also make your bust line look bigger. If you have grave doubts about highly tightened Empire-style dresses, you will love the new Nataya dress with the bobble bottom. The dress is available in two colors: ivory and tea-pink. Choose your preferred color based on your seasonal skin color.
Empire-style dresses
Empire-style vintage fashion dresses
Nataya’s classic Titanic Dress is already available in all sizes. This model is great for ladies who are unsure about their shoulder lines. Some may be disappointed with flaws related to their weight. Others may feel ashamed of their narrow shoulders. There may even be some ladies who love sleeves even on hot summer days. If you fit any of these categories, then congratulations — you’ve just found the perfect style for your wedding or other occasion. This model is also available in silver, too. So, the second variation is good not only for informal brides but also for bridesmaids. Moreover, this is the perfect apparel for romantic evenings on the beach. By the way, the same style is available in a seductive cocoa/black color, but that is another story.
Nataya’s classic Titanic Dress
Two classic Empire-style tea-length dresses are also fitting for summer affairs. The charcoal/berry variation is great for bridesmaids, brides in their second weddings and even for romantic affairs such as dates in restaurants or evenings in cozy mansions. The tender lavender color is also great for informal brides and romantic dates. You won’t regret wearing this style for a premiere of the latest beloved movie. Also, these dresses are great for parties with an Old Hollywood theme, especially if you plan to take some retro-inspired photos.
Empire-style tea-length dresses
The new vintage model in the Empire style also reminds us of Old Hollywood. This dress has one trick. The Empire waist is only two-thirds of the actual Empire waistline. The backside has almost no seams, and is great for ladies who have racerback flaws. Choose the special racerback bra model, and don’t worry about your figure’s peculiarities because this dress will take care of them! This model is available in many sizes.
Empire Style Old Hollywood white fashion vintage dress
Empire Style Old Hollywood purple fashion vintage dress
We cannot help but mention our bestselling model once more. Nataya’s silver Empire-Style Dress in maxi length reminds us of old-fashioned mermaids. On the other hand, the embroidery reminds us of the good old days of Jane Austin. If you plan a beach wedding, evening retro formals or a romantic date, you won’t find a better silhouette than this one. You should also remember that this model will make you look taller. So, our beloved “Thumbellinas,” keep your eyes open because you may wear stiletto shoes and this dress to appear tall and elegant.
Nataya’s silver Empire-Style Dress
Another elongate-your-height model by Nataya is her famous vintage Wedding Dress. Regardless of whether you are tall or not, you will always feel like a top model during retro photo shoots when you wear this garment. First, you will look really tall, and second, your reflection in mirror will evoke memories of silent movies.
Vintage Wedding Dress
Finally, there is this very versatile Empire-style model in lavender. This babydoll dress in Empire style is the perfect silhouette for informal brides who wish to look like a young person in a childhood-themed wedding or candy-styled wedding. Also, you may wear this silhouette for summer formals, beach affairs, restaurant dinners and other casual affairs. Yes, you have read it right: You may wear this style for grand affairs and for casual ones. Creating the right look for each event depends on your hairstyle, accessories and shoes.
Babydoll dress in Empire style
We hope that you will find the right Empire-style dress for your upcoming summer affair! Be happy!

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