5 Tips How to Wear Lace

by Karen

Don't know how to wear laces? Our short article will show you!

1. Keep the Jewelry to a Minimum. While a pair of earrings can help spice things up, too many baubles can spell a fashion disaster. So, let your lace do the talking and save the chunky necklaces and arm parties for your neutral sweaters.

2. Less Lace. stick to one lace garment (like a dress or skirt) or two small accessories (like a clutch and shoes). 

3. Layer up with different textures. Chambray shirt and a quirky sweater give them a stylish spin.

4. Go for monochrome. Wearing one color head-to-toe can seem a little counterintuitive, but bringing different textures into play is a surefire way to nail the look.

5. Make it casual. Crocheted lace brings a touch of bohemian flair to a pair of jean shorts. They’re a little more sophisticated and girly than frayed cutoffs, but they still embody easy summer style.

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