2014 Summer Trends: Vintage Style

The daze of summer has hit us and every lady looks to stay cool and beautiful in July. Summer is prime time for those flowing sundresses and delicate fabrics that let any breeze slide through them deliciously. Taking 2014 InStyle’s summer dress trends to the next level, we give you vintage. As the cycling of trends always changes, these looks are timeless. 2014 summer trends

Peek-a-Boo Lace

Peek-a-boo anything is truly huge 2014 in summer trends right now. Taking many these 2014 summer trends by storm, the sweetly seductive lace cutout is a great pair. With sheer chiffon or an entire cutout, take this look from a wedding to a summer picnic without even batting an eye.
2014 summer trends Peek-a-Boo Lace

Back Cutouts

2014 summer trends are all about the little details. Another big style from the runway are back cutouts. These 2014 summer trends have been popping up everywhere. To take this look to a formal event, show off your curves with a curved cowl back. Or look for sheer cutouts and lace to keep this trend alive.
2014 summer trends Back Cutouts

The Classic Tea-length sundress

Some style circle back with a vengeance. While short cocktail-length dresses are still high on most fashion lists, 2014 summer trends have seen a surge in midi and tea length. Coupled with the vintage 40’s style, you’ll feel like you’re walking off a set of Mad Men.
The Classic Tea-length sundress The Classic Tea-length sundress

Tiered Dresses

Tiered is also rampant this season. Tiered swimsuits, tiered purses, tiered skirts and dresses follow through all 2014 summer trends. Take this style seriously with a vintage wedding dress such as this forest-nymph inspiration. Creating elegant and romantic layers, we expect this style is here to stay.
Tiered Dresses Tiered Dresses


Printed sundresses aren’t a new trend. While there has been an upswing of funky and urban prints, we prefer the classic vintage. Whether a skirt or dress, 2014 summer trends must have the tea-length. An iconic printed sun dress or dinner dress keeps a fun and flirtatious air while staying poised for the camera.
2014 summer trends Prints

The Long Maxi

We’re not sure when the maxi dress will run its course. But we’re glad. The maxi is a quintessential 2014 summer dress trend and oh-so-lovely for those humid days. When you don’t want to worry about short dress maintenance, stay fresh and pretty in a flowing maxi. This beaded Poseidon gown is prime for wedding guest attire.
2014 summer trends The Long Maxi
A trend is often taken only as far as the public’s eye. Adding a vintage flair to your wardrobe creates a timeless air to any trend. 2014 summer trends encompass the love of classic styles while adding a romantic elegance unparalleled in general trends.

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