12 best winter vintage ideas for your personal warmth

by Karen

Nothing will make a lady’s soul melt better than elegant winter coats. But which to choose? Nowadays all spreads in glossy magazines are dominated by the popularity of 20’s and 40’s inspired coats. And runways now offer many baroque styles, filling these models with glam charm. So if you want to look like a winter Prêt-à-Porter queen, please don’t be shy about opting for a neo-vintage coat! So, let’s start our winter vintage inspired runway! Gothic Opera coat in Black and Violet will emphasize your noble outfit and won’t “eat” your entire budget. It will reveal your transparent beauty and hide such flaws as a narrow upper torso or your wide waist. The triangular collar is the secret for these tricks!  

Gothic Opera coat in Black and Violet
20’s and 40’s inspired coats

If you purchased a fitting 60’s inspired dress you can’t miss out on this style. Bohemian Nataya coat with hood will be a brilliant addition to your wardrobe. This style will also hide your racer back if you carry much about your walk.

Bohemian coat with hood

Nataya Military velvet coat is a perfect additive piece for your 40’s inspired set or dress. It will look splendid with “the new look” or early pinup locks. Again, this model may hide the massive hips or a racer backs.

Nataya Military velvet coat

These Bohemian jackets with whimsical baroque style sleeves will be perfect for very young gals who are planning their winter formal ball.

Bohemian jackets with whimsical baroque style sleeves

 Nataya Chinese Coat will make you into a Mongolian Princess. It will go both with Chinese inspired upper collar dresses and 30’s inspired Old Hollywood dresses. If you plan to wear short underwear than you’d better try high knee boats on.

Nataya Chinese Coat

 The following stunning double breasted jacket will define your slender legs and will go great with some airy smoky sets. It will deceive all pear-shaped flaws. 

Airy smoky sets

 Want a flapper look in winter? The following frilled flapper style coat will help you to keep the 20’s roaring flapper line. It will come out perfect with flapper style feathers and a flapper style jewelry wreath.

Following frilled flapper style coat

 The Bohemian Fur Coat will be a better match for ladies 30+ who know everything about “historia de la moda”. This coat is for those who know the price of the passed away epoch and for those who can appreciate the retro glam ideas.These ladies know the real price of these clothes and they also know this set will grow in price several years later.

Bohemian Fur Coat

 Bubble Bottom Folk Jacket, however, will go better for very young ladies. It will match perfectly with both classic bohemian and boho chic trends. It will go great with a 30’s inspired look and, not necessary intentionally, it will go perfectly with modern clothes such as miniskirts.

Bubble Bottom Folk Jacket

 The Grecian Velvet Coat in Black will match any length of clothes as well as any colors and pattern. You can easily call it a versatile piece because it will go with any shoes and boots and it will emphasize any outfit of any age!

Grecian Velvet Coat in Black

 The Classic Velvet Coat also will go with any style, but it will match 30’s inspired sets in a splendid way!

Classic Velvet Coat

 The Double Breasted Nataya coat in Black will be great for exotic clothing styles. Its whimsical “tailed” form will go with any outfit for vintage New Year Parties! Jeans or chiffon skirts, lace dresses or leggings, it really doesn’t matter; this coat will be a great value if you happen to “invite” this model to your wardrobe!

Double Breasted Nataya coat in Black

 We wish you a glam vintage winter, and do not forget to get yourself a great pair of boots!

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