10 Must-Have Design Elements For An Outdoor Wedding

by Karen

Couples who are looking to take a simpler approach to wedding planning tend to find that hosting a small ceremony and reception on a private residence is the key. Just because a wedding is set in the great outdoors, however, doesn’t mean it has to be less elegant than a more traditional wedding. In fact, there are certain design elements that will instantly increase the charm of an outdoor wedding and create an unforgettable ambiance.

Here are 10 on-trend design elements that will make any outdoor wedding simply stunning.

Dreamy Lights 

Lighting is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make an outdoor wedding come to life. Lanterns filled with fairy lights are a decidedly dreamy way to add an elegant glow to any backyard. Strands of café lights hung from tree branches also add charm and romance to any exterior space. No matter what you choose, thoughtful lighting choices will make your reception more fantastic.


Long Farmhouse Tables

DesignRound tables tend to dominate the décor of traditional, indoor weddings. That’s what makes long farmhouse style tables such a unique choice for breathtaking backyard weddings. They have a casual, old-fashioned elegance that pairs perfectly with the overall ambiance of a backyard wedding - especially when paired with family-style dining.

Ground Coverings
It’s great to embrace the natural terrain of your backyard - with that said, adding gorgeous ground coverings will put a dynamic twist on your décor. Consider adding oriental-style rugs or floor mats to your outdoor lounge area if you’re looking to create a dynamic, bohemian atmosphere.

Colorful Prints
Sparse, natural elements are currently on-trend. With that said, colorful prints can actually highlight the beauty of nature in a way that stark greenery never could. Consider table settings that feature colorful floral or toile prints to set your backyard wedding apart from everyone else’s. 

Yard Games
Embrace the laidback nature of a backyard wedding by having classic yard games on-hand. To make them more classy, consider looking for handmade items that are carved from natural wood. Guests will love taking part in fun activities to pass the time.

An Outdoor Beverage Cart
One of the best parts about backyard weddings is that guests are allowed to serve themselves. Creating a classy beverage cart is a charming and fun way for guests to mix their drinks perfectly to their liking. Buckets of ice with colorful beverages in glass bottles will create a show-stopping design element that guests will be excited to stop at.

Natural Decor
Embrace the beauty of your surroundings by adding a natural element to your décor. Fresh-picked lilacs or other wildflowers make beautiful table settings and will complement the atmosphere to perfection.

A Breathtaking Entryway
Just because your wedding is outdoors doesn’t mean it can’t have a grand entryway. Consider adding a breathtaking floral-covered arch or vine-draped trellis into your décor for guests to pass through as they make their way to your ceremony or reception space.

Practical Gifts for Guests
Hosting an outdoor wedding allows you to get creative when it comes to treating your guests. If chilly temperatures are on the horizon, have gloves, shawls, or pashminas on-hand to give out to guests.

A Fire Element
If your backyard already comes equipped with a fire pit, add glamorous seating (and the makings for some s’mores) to give your guests a fun place to retreat to during the reception. If you’d prefer something more subtle, a trail of tiki torches is another easy way to add a fire element to your reception area.

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