The 10 Best Romantic Vintage-Style Dresses for the Coming Spring

by Karen

Nataya’s inimitable romantic style has always been her signature in the world of fashion design. The various romantic dresses by Nataya can be worn on different occasions, including weddings, retro-style parties, Mardi Gras, formal engagements, and more.
Romantic dresses by Nataya

We have selected the following romantic-style dresses from our new arrivals and our top sellers as the best ideas for the coming spring. You may actually choose any dress by Nataya, for almost every gown can be described as romantic-style apparel. But the coming spring has had much influence on the color trends, and if you associate the romantic style with the vintage-style dresses in mild and non-flashy colors, here are the best ideas for you: • The new Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya looks very feminine and romantic. This gorgeous gown in Titanic style looks really noble, yet it can be hardly described as snobbish. The color palette of the dress is really mild, while the overall silhouette and ¾ sleeves make the garment truly aristocratic.

Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya


The Titanic Dress by Nataya in raspberry is sincerely recommended as apparel either for a rose wedding or a romantic St. Valentine’s Day wedding. Indeed, the dress begs to be worn in order to make the impression of a truly romantic lady on others. Additionally, we may recommend this set as a possible look for your vintage-inspired bridesmaids.

Titanic Dress by Nataya in raspberry
• The vintage-style Romantic Dresses by Nataya are always full of gaudy colors that please the eye. Take, for example, the following ballerina gown in pink. It looks very airy and feminine, yet alternative brides may also prefer this dress for a beach wedding ceremony. Why not? Moreover, pink is the classic color of most bridesmaid apparel. So, if you have been looking for something in the vintage style and romantic for all your bridesmaids, you have finally found the best dress.
Vintage-style Romantic Dresses by Nataya
• The Red Carpet Dress in ivory is still available in three regular sizes. So if you plan a true fairy tale wedding, this apparel will be at your service! The dress has the traditional color of a wedding gown, but it also has a non-traditional style and a truly unique silhouette.
Red Carpet Dress in ivory
The Nataya Dress in silver/ivory is already available in all sizes. So please, order now to get your vintage-style purchase on time. The dress may be a gown for formals, a splendid dress for bridesmaids, or another great idea for alternative brides.
Nataya Dress in silver/ivory
• The vintage-style Grandma Dress is smart apparel for a promotional ball. Want to look like any Jane Austen’s heroine but refuse to wear hard corsets and long length? The vintage-style Grandma Dress offers a golden ratio between the antique and neo-romance styles.
Vintage-style Grandma Dress
• We will now gladly introduce one of our best sellers to you: The Vintage-Style Gown in blush. Who said it’s necessary to wear only ivory or snow white dresses on your wedding day. Peach, pink, beige and apricot colors may be perfect alternatives to the old-fashioned colors.
Vintage-Style Gown in blush
• Few words are required about the following model by Nataya. The Empire Garden Dress is the ideal romantic-style dress for vintage-inspired alternative brides. The vintage-style gown is the style of choice for the lady who is planning her wedding celebration in the yard of her childhood home.
Empire Garden Dress is the ideal romantic-style dress
And who told the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom that she should wear only dark violet, grey or classic black dresses to accentuate her age? The Flutter Sleeve Mother-of-the-Bride Dress will slim the silhouette of any figure, and its playful colors will make you look younger.
Mother-of-the-Bride Dress
The newly arrived gown by Nataya has already provoked interest among alternative brides. And we cannot help but mentioned this unique style in this posting. Brides of many different sizes may wear this vintage-style Nataya Dress. The light turquoise elements on the upper part of the dress remind us of the vintage-style postcards that were produced in grey and milder ash-pastel colors. If you happen to admire La Belle Époque-styled cards and want to wear the romantic gown styled according to this era, you will find this style at
Vintage-style Nataya Dress
Whatever your choice, please feel free to share your expertise and experience with us via our contact page.

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