10 best romantic retro styles for Valentine’s Day formals

by Karen

It has been a month since we last made a purely theme-based review of our catalogue. We have brought many ideas for bridesmaids as well as for the mothers of grooms of the brides. Besides bringing you tons of ideas for the brides, it is now time to make a short review of the retro styles for romantic formals. Valentine’s Day is coming and we need a little retro inspiration to find our best retro looks for the coming affair. Let’s look through all best sellers by Nataya to be worn for Vintage Valentine’s Day parties.

Boho style

Free locks, raspberry, pink or like colors in your curls plus simple daily makeup will make you into a boho style muse of the past. You may dawn the romantic Nataya gown in ash rose. And to complete the look wear it with raspberry or vivid pink lipstick. This romantic style is up to an artistic person with boundless imagination and tousled locks. To make such locks you can wash your hair and part your locks with a fork then dry the hair with a dryer.

boho style gown

Retro gypsy style

Here is another variation of the boho style for gals who wish to have a more of a gypsy style look. If you prefer leggings and high heels you will love the bohemian top by Nataya. In this case you cannot do without black eyeliner for the eyelids and coral red lipstick for the lips. If you prefer gypsy boots and skirts, either in maxi or in midi length, you may be fond of the Nataya Rose romantic top. This look implies pink or raspberry lip gloss and daily styled makeup.
Nataya Rose romantic top
Implies pink or raspberry lip gloss

Titanic Rose Dress

If you want to be the romantic goddess like “Rose from the movie titanic” you will definitely love the Titanic dresses by Nataya in Charcoal/berry and Raspberry colors. Readers of our blog should already know that rose colors are good for both juvenile and elder ladies. Using mascara in the natural color of your lashes, applying beige or champagne eye shadow with modest pink, ash rose or beige lipstick, you will be well on your way to completing your titanic inspired look.
Titanic dresses by Nataya in Charcoal/berry and Raspberry colors

Passionate Empire look

If you prefer the good retro mix of empire gowns and the glam of the 30’s and 40’s, you will love the romantic empire gown in red, be sure of that! This dress will look splendid on brunettes with pale porcelain skin and hazelnut eyes. To emphasize your empire passionate beauty you will want to apply only transparent eye shadow and black volumizing mascara. Such modest makeup means you will need to accentuate another part of your face… the lips! Apply rubin red lipstick and try not to use lip liners! (use lip liners only if you absolutely need to correct the shape of your lips).
Passionate empire look

Diaghilev’s Black Swan

For the ones who love the black swan style and the Paris Russian seasons of the 10’s-20’s, may dawn the stylish ballerina dress in black. It looks both mystical and glamorous and will look great on ash blondes, brunettes and even red headed gals. You will need to apply peach or pink transparent foundation to your face, champagne or ash-rose gloss. The lips are in shadow which means you should accentuate your eyes. Use a thick eyeliner pencil and false lashes and you’ll get the best retro look you’ve ever had!
Diaghilev’s Black Swan

The passionate Tango style of the 40’s

Want to look passionate like an Argentinean performer? Wish to look like Evita? To reveal your passionate nature you must wear the lace vintage dress by Nataya styled as a tango gown. The makeup may be similar to that of the Empire gal but in this case use a little more natural and less pale foundation as a basic facial tone.
Lace vintage dress by Nataya

Flapper inspired look

Want a little Charleston Romance? You may want to discover this splendid flapper model by Nataya! This set is a beaded camisole and vintage skirt in light pink will make you a real flapper styled gal. You may apply flapper styled smoky eye makeup and draw heart shaped lips. Yet to look more romantic we sincerely advise you to leave only smoky eyes. As for the lips you may use a lip gloss instead.
Flapper inspired look

Victorian neo-vintage

You may love the following Artisan dress by Nataya. It looks truly retro and can be adopted for several epochs: Victorian, classic 10’s style and the romantic 40’s. But in any case you should apply only natural tones, shadows and colors for your makeup. The best variation is to use black liquid eyeliner and some mascara and apply lipstick to correlate with the color of the dress.
Artisan dress by Nataya

La belle Époque inspired style

This 1920’s inspire black swan gown is up to the mentioned retro style. You will want to use cool styling as a basic hairstyle for your look. Also you may apply the smoky eye technique to the eyes and rouge the lips with a little red lipstick. The look will be completed if you wear expensive black stockings and classic black shoes on midi heels.

black swan evening gown in vintage style

Vintage Alice look

To look like Alice from the Victorian époque without wearing unnecessary corsets you may dawn this Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia. You will look like the retro inspired celeb and that means you will have to find perfect makeup ideas. Ripe pink lipstick and false lashes with transparent eye shadows is definitely one of the quickest and best working variations!
Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia
We wish that you spend this truly romantic day as St. Valentine himself intended with memorable retro moments to commemorate all the work you did in comprising your stunning outfit!

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