10 best Nataya sets in black for truly sexy looks

by Karen

Cocktail parties, formals or informal evenings; whatever February and March hold in store for us, we face these events without fear because we have the “ace of trumps” in our wardrobes… those amazing versatile items in black that seem to go with everything. Black outfits, sets or gowns may make the silhouette slimmer, but the true benefit is most women can get away with wearing it. As versatile as black is on clothes, applying makeup is a different story. You must remember your age and color type when applying makeup and remember that you need to “make the makeup and your apparel sing the same song”! That’s quite enough banter! Let’s look at some of the best sellers of Nataya dresses in black and a few possible tricks we may employ to make our look really sexy.

Ballerina set

Long length ballerina skirts with black camisoles are one of the most successful designs by Nataya. This set will look great on many types of figures including the pear, triangle and hourglasses, not to mention that it will disguise many flaws and a wide hip line. You can even allow yourself to wear any hairdo with the mentioned set. For example a titanic inspired bun will look great for a formal evening and Monica Belucci-inspired wavy locks will bring you into the center of the glam affair.

vintage ballerina skirts

Victorian gothic

Let’s confess gals, we have all at one point adored a gothic lady in a professionally shot movie or fashion magazine. There is something so yummy and bad about it! And for some of us, it may have even inspired us to apply Victorian inspired gothic makeup and dawn something really royal. The next gothic Victorian set may help us make our gothic dream come true.
Victorian gothic lady dress

A little Spanish Passion

The passion of Spanish dances like flamenco is adored the world over. And for those of us with two left feet, we play the role of the passionate individual in every other aspect of our lives. And to complete the passionate look, all we need to do is wear the Victorial style Nataya Tank and Spanish skirt. As for make-up, just a classical application of black false lashes and red lipstick will immediately turn you into a passionate Spanish lady!
Victorial style Nataya Tank

Black Victorian Glam

Just a Victorian lace top by Nataya and palazzo pants will make you into a true Victorian inspired lady from the “crème de la crème” of society. You may complete your look simply by wearing Victorian inspired black lace made of tiny beads or the Victorian inspired lace ridicule and you are ready to go!
Victorian lace top by Nataya

Argentinean Tango Lady

Want to dance the Tango? Feel that Latin Passion within? You can reveal your nature simply by dawning this perfect Tango dress. No need to make you up or invent some new hairdo. Just wavy locks and some mascara. The rest is your tango dress and black stockings.
Argentinean Tango Lady black dress

Black Neo-vintage

The Siver-black Titanic dress hold the spirits of the past Edwardian and Victorian Epochs, while at the same time it makes you feel like the high society lady that you are. You will need no special jewelry or special accessories. Simply a pair of expensive shoes and modest Victorian makeup will do fine.
Siver-black Titanic dress

Bohemian artistic lady

The Bohemian Nataya Top in black will make you into a truly sexy lady if you wear leggings or high-heeled over the knee boots. The style will disguise flaws, if you have any, because this model really performs miracles! It visually accentuates the best parts of your figure and your overall look will come out truly sexy.
Bohemian Nataya Top in black

The 30’s inspired androgynous-feminine look

No other era besides the 30’s has included such “inconsistencies” as the boyish, androgynous and feminine all rolled into one style. You can wear the feminine titanic top and palazzo pants and use this set to express the manful spirits while remaining the gal in a splendid feminine set.
Titanic top and palazzo pants

Neo-vintage Royalty

To look like a black swan princess you may dawn the following vintage set by Nataya. This style will work great for the fragile and juvenile gals. You will look really sexy and, at the same time, express some innocence.
Vintage set by Nataya

The good old black retro

This retro style set will be the perfect evening set for any official ceremony. It will work as a retro glam look for the mothers of brides or grooms, the queen of the party or even an opera singer. It will even work as a stage look for a musical. Makeup comprised of liquid eyeliner will help to complete this look.
Retro black style dress
Black will always make you look noble. So if you found your perfect style, don’t worry that it’s black. Just put it on and be proud!

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