Victorian Wedding Dresses

by Karen

Victorian Wedding Dress by Nataya Named after Queen Victoria, the British monarch who held the throne from 1837-1901, the Victorian Era (as those years have become known) was as lush, vibrant, evolving, and charismatic as the Queen herself. Fashion was no exception. Queen Victoria ushered in the modern tradition of brides wearing white to the Alter after she wore white for her own 1840 nuptials. Romantic and magnificent, the Victorian Era is still inspiring modern fashion--wedding dresses not excluded. Romantic laces, embroidery, silks, tulle, and organdy were popular fabrics and embellishments for Victorian wedding dresses. Combining these romantic elements with elegant but whimsy design, wedding dresses can provide today’s bride in search of a vintage inspired ensemble much to choose from. Nataya wedding dresses have many choices that offer all of these details, and the Victorian Lace Dress is the perfect example of such features. Rose appliqué details, lace throughout and a flowy drape and skirt, make it a soft and enigmatic look especially under wedding candle light. While the Queen may have debuted wearing all white wedding dresses, it still was quite popular for brides to choose pastel or neutral hues for their gowns. Beige, Ivory, Peach, Pink, Sage, and even black for widowed and aging women returning to marriage, were all trendy colors to wear and also useful since they could be worn after the wedding for other occasions. Modern brides searching Nataya’s dresses will find this is still the case, as the Victorian Lace Dress is offered in Ivory/Peach. Another popular choice, the Romantic Vintage Dress is offered in Ivory. With a V-neck cut, A-line silhouette, wing sleeves edged with scallops, the Romantic Vintage Dress is both alluring and sophisticated. Victorian Mother of the Bride DressEarly Victorian wedding dresses were structured with fitted bodices, small waists, and full skirts. These skirts usually extended over hoops or petticoats. Petticoats may sound out of style by today’s standards, but under Nataya’s original wedding dresses, such as the Vintage Empire Dress, it’s still a timely and romantic look. Fitting over the waist and bust areas expertly, the Vintage Empire Dress has the cut and silhouette that exemplified the Victorian Era. Wedding Dresses with trains were also first noticed during the Queen’s reign, and with its A-line skirt styled over the tulle petticoat, this Nataya dress provides a gorgeous train. Conjuring up romantic wedding dresses of years gone by, Nataya’s Victorian Mother of the Bride Dress
in Ivory, is also for any bride. Made of soft Ivory Chiffon, the romantic flow of the sleeves, which flare out and fall from the shoulders, coordinates well with the asymmetrical hemline of this timeless dress. Victorian inspired wedding dresses are truly a classic and romantic choice for the bride who is looking for timeless elegance but with a unique spin. Traditional or unique, it’s entirely up to each bride to choose from an array of wedding dresses to find the perfect look. Searching through Nataya’s collection will offer many romantic notions with the Victorian lines and trends.

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