How to throw a proper tea party

by Karen

If high tea isn't the highlight of your social calendar, then you may need to reassess your priorities. What better reason is there to gather your gals together for a leisurely afternoon of gossiping about your love lives? Sure, you can simply make a few phone calls and plunk down with your girl friends and a cup of Earl Grey, but that can hardly be considered a party. Add some spice to your next gathering by hosting a formal, Victorian-inspired tea party instead!
These several tips may help you for throwing a proper tea party in the leisurely afternoon and gossiping about your love lives!

First send out invitations. Yes, you need to actually pay for postage, not just send an Email. Your friends will appreciate the old fashioned effort. Make sure your invitation makes it clear you are hosting a tea party, and your friends will likely get the hint and bring some baked goods to share. Joint table setting. A few hours before the big event, set up an elegant space for your tea party. Make sure you set up an extra table for serving the food your guests will bring. As your guests arrive you can put your hostess skills to good use by getting the conversation started and ensuring everyone feels comfortable.

When everyone has arrived and sat down, it's time to serve the tea. Make sure you have several varieties brewed to perfection so that your guests can sample different types. The more unusual the flavors the more fun the party, so be creative in your selection. Plan some table games to use as ice breakers to keep the atmosphere fun. Tailor your games to the interests of your guests to make sure that everyone has a good time. Start a tradition. Finally, if your event is a success, then make having tea parties a tradition! After all, everyone needs an excuse to spend more time with their friends. Plan a monthly date for your party and see if you can rotate who plays hostess so that everyone gets a turn. By switching up your regular social routine and taking a few extra steps to plan an elegant tea party, you can start a traditional that enriches your life and brings the people you love closer together. 

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