The Proper Style of Makeup to Go with Your Red Vintage Dress

by Karen

Vintage fashion is the height of fashion glory. You may choose boho-style gowns in red, empire dresses or vintage-style highly tightened dresses styled according to most 1960s apparel. Whatever your choice, you cannot do without the proper makeup.
Boho-style gowns in red
The dresses may be of different styles and the basic red may be of different shades (cold or warm), but the rules of making your face up remain the same for all smart clothes. The red dress makes you look very perfidious! Therefore, the wrong color of lipstick or eye shadow may spoil your overall look no matter the quality of your dress. So, if you have made up your mind to wear a red vintage dress, your makeup must fit your chosen apparel.
Vintage empire style red dress

(Empire Red Ball Gown 40103 Nataya Tulip Dress)

For the most part, you should avoid extremes. Playing with saturated colors may come out too vulgar, whereas pale and natural colors will come out pale and invisible, spoiling your prefect look. You need to accentuate at least one area of your face. That means you should choose either your eyes or lips. Once you have made your decision, you should immediately start applying the facial tone. You should pay close attention to your facial tone, as it must look more than perfect. If you are planning for an evening occasion, apply the tone foundation, tone crème and then disguise the rest with semi-transparent powder if necessary. If you do everything right, you will look ideal!

Lip Accents

Once you have decided to emphasize your lips, you should decide what colors will be most suitable. You may have guessed the right answer: the color of lipstick depends directly on the shade of your dress. Some shades of red and some fabrics may need to be paired with paler or even coral colors of lipstick, whereas some red vintage-style gowns will require the true red colors. Use red, coral, brown, berry or bright gloss only if you have decided to accentuate your eyes with a smoky eye effect using darker eye shadows.
vintage style red dresses
The worst colors of lipstick are colorful berry, shades of brown and saturated colors such as purple or violet. If you apply lipstick and have made up your mind to accentuate your lips, we sincerely recommend that you avoid applying lip gloss. Remember that the red dress is always very “commanding.” It orders you to choose the right accessories and makeup to turn your red set into the center of the evening affair.
Vintage fashion in red

(bohemian top)

Eye Makeup

If you have made up your mind to accentuate your eyes, you should forget about eye shadow colors such as blue, green, purple, lavender and other saturated tones. Refuse all red shades of eye shadow. You may conclude that there is nothing left to use for makeup, but this is not the case. Here are some great classic variants: • apply neutral (such as beige, transparent, flesh or champagne) eye shadow to your upper eyelid, as well as dark mascara • try the beloved trick of Dita von Teese and Gwen Stefani for makeup that goes with red and black dresses: apply transparent eye shadow to upper eyelids, draw an upper line using liquid eye liner in black, and stick the false lashes in black. • choose classic smoky eye makeup with matte black eye shadow as the basic or only color, or choose dark grey (matte) for ash shades of red dresses.
Ash shades of red dresses

(vintage style tango dress in red)

You should also remember that if you accentuate your eyes, then you should better not use lipstick. Use lip gloss in suitable colors instead.


Even if you avoid wearing blush in your daily life, you still should apply it if you decide to wear a vintage-style dress in red. The secret is that the natural color of your cheeks will likely be hidden after applying the tone foundation. If this happens, your face will lose most of its expressiveness. Thus, you should accentuate your cheeks or cheekbones to “shape” your face. Nonetheless, you should avoid applying pink or terracotta shades of blush.
Vintage-style dress in red
No matter your choice, remember that your makeup should be very impressive.


A dress of bright red or saturated red shades will not go with a bizarre or artificial hairstyle. A multitude of finger waves, locks and rhinestones should only be worn with dresses of another shadow. You should accentuate your face, not your hair. The best style is flat hair (flattened with hair iron). Soft locks à la the 1940s (locks curling slightly near the shoulder line) is also suitable, although the flat hair that most women have will work best. Look at Katherine Heigl or Dita von Teese, as they used to show off the aforementioned hairstyles during red carpet events.
Hair style for you red vintage dress

(vintage style red dress)

A classic pony tail or bobbed black hair is also splendid with these dresses!
Vintage style dress in red

(vintage style dress in red )

If you follow all our recommendations, you will be the center of any evening affair. Be sure of that!

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