How To Care For Your Fascinator

by Karen

How To Care For Your Fascinator

Fascinators are show-stopping accessories with an antiquated sense of elegance. These fabulous miniature hats are often mounted on a headband or a hairclip and are meant to be secured into your updo or hair style. Depending on the style of your fascinator, it may come complete with feather accents, a birdcage veil, or other delicate details. No matter the design, fascinators are items that require the utmost care during wear. It doesn’t matter if it’s an authentic antique fascinator or one that is modeled after an old-fashioned design - here are the DO’s and DON’Ts of caring for your fascinator.

DO Create a Barrier Before Wearing

fascinator Infographic To keep your fascinator from being subjected to dirt, oil, or makeup, consider placing a barrier between your fascinator and your body. Placing tape on the brim or a breathable fabric between your hair and the “hat” part of the fascinator will keep sweat, hairspray, and makeup from ruining its delicate material.

DON’T Subject it to Water

Often made of silks, satins, and other high-quality materials, fascinators and water do not mix. It’s easy to avoid excess water during cleaning, but also try to avoid wearing a fascinator in the rain, snow, or similar weather conditions. If it does get wet, immediately remove as much moisture as you can using a clean cloth.

DO Utilize The Proper Storage Techniques

Fascinators aren’t the type of items that you can just toss on and off. Their delicate nature means that there are certain steps that must be taken to keep them looking brand new. Storing it in a proper hat box will control humidity and ensure moths and other pests don’t get anywhere near your elegant accessory. Be sure to use colorless acetone free tissue paper when storing it away - colored tissues can bleed onto the delicate fabric and impact the integrity of your piece.

DON’T Handle with Bare Hands

It’s easy to forget that our skin is naturally full of oils. When it comes to handling or cleaning your fascinator, the oils on our hands can actually cause the antique fabrics or design elements to break down over time. To avoid this from occurring, handle your fascinator wearing a pair of cheap cotton gloves to create a clean barrier.

DO Take Great Care When Storing Your Fascinator

Excess heat or sunlight can damage your fascinator beyond repair. For this reason, it’s important to use your best judgement when it comes to storage. Excessive heat or humidity can cause a fascinator to shrink or become misshapen, so always keep it out of direct sunlight and be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Placing acetone free tissue paper inside of your fascinator will also ensure it always retains its original shape.

DON’T Use Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Products

Should a spill or stain occur on your fascinator, don’t reach for standard cleaning products. Often, they feature harsh chemicals that can permanently damage your delicate hair accessory. For excess dust, dirt, or debris, lightly brush its exterior with a standard lint roller. For stronger or more set-in stains, carefully rub the area with a damp cloth using an extreme amount of care.

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