7 Tips to throw a Wedding in Western Style

by Karen

Start With the Invitations

With these little touches, your wedding will rival that of a saloon from years passed and have your guests talking for years to come. There are many ways to profess your love, but a country style wedding is certainly an out of the box way to do it! The font and style of your wedding invitations can set the tone for your entire event. A rustic paper with an old school font makes for the perfect way to tell the world you are ready to say "I do". You can also add a horseshoe or wagon wheel emblem to give new meaning to the phrase "getting hitched"!

Time of Year

Spring and summer are both perfect times of year for a western wedding. You want your guests to be comfortable, and foliage to be appropriate as well. As a rustic bride, you probably want the majority of your day to be spent outdoors, too, and rain on your wedding day is not ironic, it's a deal breaker!


Select a Ranch Venue

The perfect venue can make all of the difference in whether your theme really shines through or not. Barns are a beautiful addition to your big day, as well as ranches with large intricate fences for a truly old school touch. Imagine rushing out of a fully decorated ranch house to the sounds of friends and family wishing you a long and happy marriage, like a tale from an old storybook!


Use a Pickup Truck

After saying "I do", what would be more country than a quick getaway in an old pickup truck? A good old Ford or Chevy also makes a fantastic prop for photos of your big day. You can even get creative and use it to display gifts from the guests as well. Limos are not the only wedding transportation, don't be afraid to stand out!


Add a Touch of Denim

Although you may not be inclined to walk down the aisle with a full on jean jacket, adding a touch of denim to your bridesmaids dress can really make an impact. Ruffled peasant tops and skirts are also a unique way to serve up some country flair. A photo of you and the bridesmaids all in denim jackets is a sweet memento for that wedding scrapbook.


Add a Horse

There is nothing more country than a beautiful stallion! Horses would turn any wedding into a truly country affair, and could really help you make an entrance or exit on the big day. If kids are part of the event, why not let them take a little ride at the reception? What a fun way to start off your marriage! Wear Cowgirl Boots Instead of boring high heels, opt for a pair of cowgirl boots underneath that lovely gown. They add a simple way to incorporate a western feel into your ensemble, and are very practical for outdoor weddings. You can be bold and go bright red or blue, or opt for a plain tan leather pair. Comfort never looked so stylish.

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