Gorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage Dress | #MyStoryTold

by Karen

Nataya Vintage Dress for Gorgeous Wedding
My name is Vicki Traylor. Several years ago I lost a lot of weight 170lbs. I was in a hospice fashion show and wore one of your gorgeous dresses (I bought it of course). A few months later I went on my first date with my new husband.
Gorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage Dress
I wore that dress, and my guy was following me around and saying to anyone who would listen, that I was the most beautiful woman there! We dated for several years after that. He proposed last Christmas Eve, and we got married in June. The dress was so special that I wanted to get married in it. Unfortunately I had gained some weight and it didn't fit. I went online and found you, and was so excited it actually came in my size!! It was a gorgeous wedding and I wore that dress
Gorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage DressGorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage Dress

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