Dreamy Wedding in Gatsby Dress & Victorian Lace-Up Boots

by Karen

Wendy's Gatsby Wedding Dress

Wendy’s Special Day

This is the story of Wendy’s preparation for her special day. Anticipating the moment she would celebrate her forever love, Wendy, an imaginative individual, knew she wanted something that would be etched in her and her guests’ memory for good. She wanted to create dreamy pictures she would revisit with a heart full of warmth. As she grew excited in her quest for perfect shoes and dress, she was determined to find something as enchanting as the love she was celebrating. And so it happened that Wendy discovered precisely what she was looking for at the Wardrobe Shop – a treasure trove tailored for idealistic souls like hers. Her wedding fantasy was coming to life!

She graced her special day wearing the combination of 1920’s feminine Great Gatsby Party Dress and Biddy Victorian Style Boots, tweaking them just a tiny bit to her own unique preferences.

Testimonial from a happy customer

Wendy generously shared her thoughts about the pair, recalling memories of her day when the attire captivated everyone’s hearts. A story worth listening over a cup of tea held in lacey gloves.

Customer Wendy wearing a beautiful vintage wedding dress

This dress was the start of my wedding day
Victorian Lace-Up Boots
Victorian Lace-Up Boots Outfit

She started recounting how she chose Biddy Victorian Style Tall Boots in Nectar Rustic, a pair that perfectly depicted the vintage romanticized image she had envisioned. These lace-ups with alluring lace accents, and rich, hand-finished leather conjured the charm of the simpler times. Being a person with resourcefulness at her core, Wendy courageously opted to infuse original design with her own personality. She delicately dyed the satin laces into a softer shade of ivory, aiming for a harmonious blend with the shoe leather, for that aged rustic look. She also added non-skid pads to the soles to secure her steps on polished floors, and cushioned insoles to elegantly endure the demands of the festive day. A clever tip indeed!

Still, as a testament to the joyful day’s celebration, Wendy humbly admitted her feet showed signs of weariness.

Yet, the boot’s allure persisted, and she continued wearing them into various ensembles in the days that followed. She was pleased with the quality of the leather and to her they were nothing short of fabulous.

Those charming boots, an eye candy showered with admiration wherever she stepped, were a magnet for compliments coming from all directions. They stood in perfect harmony with Wendy’s chosen attire – the Great Gatsby Party Dress in Ivory by Nataya. Wendy initially pictured it with a cowl, but her original seamstress gave away, and yet again with another round of courage, she embraced the task on her own. By adding a bustle and a front/back cowl draping, initial trepidation turned into a sense of accomplishment and pleasure.

“I felt truly special”, she remembers, adding that while the dress is dreamy as it is, she wanted to make it her own. A sentiment carried through the day with compliments pouring in. She advised others to handle delicate chiffon with care and admitted that the dress’s hue leans to pink/champagne due to the rosy shell underneath - which aligned with her unique vision.

Wendy’s wedding story was a dream coming true, thanks to her resolve, resourcefulness, and Wardrobe Shop otherworldly aesthetics. With each step down the aisle, Wendy’s heart overflowed with emotions, and her chosen ensemble became the canvas on which she wrote her own story. Her journey invites us to dream, courageously follow our visions, and allow our styles to elevate our emotional experiences.

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