Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya

by Karen

Irish Vintage Wedding:
I'm 60 and have met the most amazing man in the most amazing way! I've been on line dating for about 5 years and have met some really great guys! I live in the North East so they are more plentiful here - I admit that. There are some jerks - but... so I just said... Next!
Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya
I was in a place that I don't frequent and at a time I'm never an Irish Pub in NYC on a Thursday evening back in December... I was there with a few girl friends from work to kill some time waiting for a train...we stopped in for a drink after seeing a play. A man walked in that I was instantly attracted to... A big bear of a man, around my age, with a nice beard and casual work clothing on... He ordered his beer and sort of hung in the background. I glanced his way and then continued my conversation with the much younger man to my right...the area to my left was open. So a few minutes later... I checked out the new man behind me again and he smiled at me... so I invited him to step up to join me. We are together now… 4 years later… just got married! Much later he told me that if I hadn't invited him up - he would never have presumed. He was on a break from work and he eats dinner in this pub often... I was his ideal woman... red hair, green eyes, very white skin, full figured and we are both Irish... he was in awe of me and would not have spoken to me at all... he thought I was out of his league (I was dressed for our company Christmas event) but since I did the reach out - he jumped on the chance to meet me.
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We clicked instantly! Lots of things in common and chatted for about 1 1/2 hours before I had to go. He took my number and I thought - what are the chances? I live in NJ and work in CT. He lives in PA and works in NYC. But he makes it work! He comes to see me almost every weekend and sometimes I go there. We go away at least once a month and have met almost all of each other's nearest and dearest. It's a completely wonderful relationship that can certainly lead to both of our 2nd marraiges... My words to those looking... Keep at it! in the words of Winston Churchill... NEVER GIVE UP!
Irish vintage wedding by nataya at winston Churchill
Once I knew my intended was a kilt man - I wanted THE dress to go with it. Both 2nd marriage.
We went with a lot of traditional Irish/celtic customs including the kilt , blue dress, braid in the hair, bells, and guests all in plaid and vow exchange with hand fasting.
The color theme for the day was black watch tartan accents - from his kilt pattern. The old traditional Irish wedding dress color was blue. So the hunt began...I found you on Pinterest and dug a Plus size woman, I was so thrilled with all your styling! and then found THE dress... When It came, I needed to change it a little just to be my irish vintage wedding dress.
Shorting the under dress to knee length helped a lot. I have good legs and the under dress hid them...
Then a friend who has access to professional beaders in India offered to send it over to have a few beads scattered around the dress as a wedding gift. I was thrilled! Just a sparkle here and there... BUT what they did was amazing and totally unexpected! Completely fabulous under the lights... We had a great evening!
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