What To Wear For A 1920's Themed Home Party

by Karen

New Year is just around the corner, which means its time to get ready for New Year parties. In 2020, holiday gatherings may look different than normal. Maybe youll be celebrating with a small group at home or virtually connecting with friends. Either way, youll want to look impeccable in your home party dress. 

 Theres no better theme for the festive 2020 season than looking back to the 1920s. This fabulous decade provides you with plenty of gorgeous options when it comes to creating a head-to-toe holiday look that sparkles and shines. 

Heres a sampling of Roaring 20s Party Dresses that will look fantastic at your 1920s Themed New Year Holiday Party. 

20s Party Dresses for holiday


Art Deco Beading 

Nothing exudes 1920s Glamour” quite like Art Deco beading. Selecting a dress that is accented by clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold patterns will make you the picture of antiquated elegance. Art Deco originally had Egyptian influence, which gives every dress a luxurious look that is impossible to ignore. 

 Our Picks


Marta 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Grey


Art Deco Flapper Dress in Plum


Art Deco Cocktail Dress in Black Gold


Each one of these elegant dresses features dynamic Art Deco beadwork. Bold color options and exciting extras like fringe come together to create a 1920s holiday dress that is nothing short of breathtaking. The best part about these dresses is that they look perfectly appropriate for the modern era, even though they feature Art Deco design elements. 


Style It With…


Art Deco dresses look even better when paired with Art Deco Jewelry. Look for pieces that feature clean lines, geometric patterns, contrasting colors, and glittering gemstones. If the dress youre looking at has a high neckline, a dramatic pair of earrings is a great choice. 


Hair & Makeup


Art Deco and drama go hand in hand. Black cat eye liner is a great addition to this Jazz Age ensemble. If you really want to channel your inner 1920s style star, draw on a beauty mark. 

Soft & Sweet

1920s holiday dresses dont have to sparkle to steal the show. If your style is a little more subdued, stick to a style that is on the softer side. Look for dresses that feature sheer overlays accented by ruffles, floral details, or elegant embroidery. As long as they have an unstructured silhouette, theyll exude the timeless luxury of the Roaring Twenties.  


Our Picks

Alexa 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Mauve by Nataya
Tara Vintage Style Party Dress in Sapphire by Nataya


These dresses are feminine, flattering, and perfect for the 2020 holiday season. Their drop waist designs give them an effortless look that will make you feel like a vintage sophisticate. It doesnt matter if you choose a strapless style or opt for one with sheer long sleeves - youll have a holiday dress with understated elegance. 


Style It With…


Jewelry with floral elements will perfectly complement your sweet, understated vintage look. A pair of pearl earrings are also always appropriate. If you want to add another element to your look, wear a cloche hat with your winter coat on your way to your holiday party. A pair of lace gloves or a faux fur shawl are another great way to amp up an otherwise ordinary dress. 


Hair & Makeup…


Keep your hair casual to complement the simplicity of your outfit. Wear your hair down in soft curls to give it a romantic and feminine feel. Heavy, dark makeup wont do when it comes to a light look like this one - instead, add some rouge” for a fresh faced look that is simply fabulous. 



Glamorous Glitz


It doesnt matter if its a Christmas soiree or a New Years Eve bash - sparkles are always appropriate during the holiday season. Flapper dresses are known for their over-the-top elements like sparkling sequins or shimmering beadwork. For a holiday look that will steal the show, choose a sparkling dress that draws inspiration from the 1920s. 


Our Picks

Old Hollywood Fringe Dress in Rose


Art Deco 1920s Dress in Black Silver


20s fashion Charleston Fringe Party Dress in Black



Heads will turn when these glittery 1920s flapper dresses enter a holiday party. The fabric will twinkle and shine under the glow of Christmas lights. Fringe accents will also make you come to life when you take to the dance floor. These  holiday dresses perfectly capture the excitement of the 1920s. 


Style It With…


When it comes to super-sparkly flapper dresses, dont be afraid of going over the top with accessories too. Glittery headbands, hairpieces, or hats will take your look to the next level. Or, find a large vintage-inspired necklace. If you really want to make a statement, select a fringe shawl to keep your arms covered at the party. 


Hair & Makeup


When your dress is super sparkly, its best to keep your makeup subtle. A dramatic cat eye will reference the 1920s without making your look too heavy. If you want to add vintage glamour, a burgundy lip will take your look to the next level. 



Chic Sophistication


Most people assume that 1920s dresses have to be short to make a statement. The truth is, sometimes floor-length gowns can be show-stopping too. It doesnt matter if you choose a floaty dress with an Art Deco bodice or a form-fitting number that hugs your curves - youll have an upscale holiday look that is undeniably chic. 


Our Picks

Rosie Gatsby Style Maxi Dress in Burgundy
1920s Inspired Evening Maxi Dress in Plum


These dresses prove that you dont have to show lots of skin to channel the style and sophistication of 1920s fashion icons. Each one of these dresses has a figure-flattering cut that will make you look incredible while also keeping you covered. Long sleeved dresses are especially perfect for holiday parties, as they allow you to stay warm without having to cover up with a shawl or cardigan. 


Style It With…


Long flapper dresses dont need tons of accessories. With that said, its hard to go overboard when youre referencing the 1920s. A sophisticated hair comb will complement an elegant updo. T-strap shoes with Art Deco influence will also allow you to keep your look consistent from head to toe. 


Hair & Makeup


A simple updo will keep your hair off your shoulders so you can show off your dramatic dress. Add some finger waves or curls and you have a hairstyle that perfectly matches the period. Dramatic smokey eyes will match the glamour of a long gown. 


Want to Create The Perfect Holiday Look?


Our collection of 1920s Flapper Dresses will allow you to create a vintage outfit that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic. Youll feel like a fabulous Jazz Age style star when you have on one of our elegant pieces of apparel - all inspired by the fashion that first debuted exactly a century ago.

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