Which Cocktail Dress is Best?

by Karen

Uh-oh! You still haven’t bought that dress for that “thing”! If you dig the cocktail dress look, but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s three different types:

 • In the 1920’s, the cocktail dress had a loose cut, light colors, and beaded applique. woman's figure:  

• The "hourglass" gave way to the baby doll. The baby doll billows out under the bust, and is often accented by a small belt.

For a dance event we recommend an airy-light dress that hangs below the knees, like the Roaring Twenties or baby doll look. These dresses look great with accessories (within reason, of course)!

During an official event, we recommend a classier look. We don’t recommend a flashy, eye-catching dress. A well-tailored, reach-the-knee dress works the best. The “classy” look would also work with small amounts of jewelry, or none at all.

If you’re still not sure what dress you’re getting for that “thing”, a little black dress is always a win-win!

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