Chiffon Wedding Dresses of 2011

by Karen

1920s wedding dress

With its romantic, cascading layers and delicate embellishments, vintage style clothing has served as this season’s biggest fashion inspiration. Famed designer Nataya has built her career on creating romantic, vintage style dresses that offer up elegance in a simplistic package. Revered for her eclectic, yet wearable, art, Nataya’s vintage style has a contemporary appeal. Inspired by the romantic 1920's vintage style look, Nataya has created graceful chiffon wedding dresses as part of her Age of Love collection. The most popular look of the 1920's was the flapper dress, which featured a sexy A-line silhouette, a dropped waistline and dainty touches of lace. Emboldened by their newly gained freedom, American women in the 1920's embraced a shorter skirt and scooped neckline, as well. Chiffon wedding dresses from this era often incorporated flowing layers of tulle and lace over a simple, looser shift that was free from corsetry, which had still been popular only a decade earlier. Drawing upon the influence of the romantic 1920's vintage style, Nataya has created this stunning chiffon wedding dress that has both Victorian and bohemian undertones. The subdued ivory color is perfect for any first or second-time bride who desires a less formal, affordable wedding dress. The supple shift, with its scooped neck and empire waist, is made of cotton and meets the mid-calf, while the layers of this chiffon wedding dress billow down around the ankles.

1920s dressVictorian and bohemian dress 
Vintage Wedding dress

 Tulle lace and inserts, along with slits in the hemline, give this chiffon wedding dress a modern edge, while the three-quarter length, sheer funnel sleeves and corset-like lace-up in the small of the back gives this trendy dress an ethereal feel. For a finishing touch, the chiffon wedding dress is embellished in the center with a delicate Victorian rosette. This romantic, 1920's inspired chiffon wedding dress is available in sizes small to 3X. Pair it with a sassy gold peep-toe heel or a dainty lace pump in ivory. For the perfect hair accessory, try a cap veil made with silk, tulle, lace or colorful feathers.

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