Style tips from a girl who knows Plus Size Gatsby Dresses

by Karen

How do you dress a body that looks nothing like the models in the catalog photos or vintage fashion illustrations? That is a question that most women ask themselves at some point, especially when choosing formal wear for special occasions. While this situation is a challenge for the average-sized woman, it can be downright painful for women with fuller figures, especially when looking for Plus Size Flapper Style Gatsby Dresses. Curvaceous women who like alternative and vintage styles are usually at a profound loss unless they are skilled seamstresses. So what is a mature, fashion-forward vintage lover to do when her current choices are limited to the shapeless bags that some stores sell as dresses? You dust off those old photo albums and find inspiration from the real vintage fashion plates, of course!  Hollywood reigns supreme when it comes to capturing the opulence and glamour of decades past, but you may already own the best resources for vintage fashion ideas-your old family albums. American women really knew how to dress in the early decades of the 20th century, and if any of our ancestresses harbored body issues, you would never know by looking at the confidant ladies in those photos. Their dresses fit perfectly, their hair was styled artfully, and their handbags, shoes, and hats were always coordinated and appropriate to the season. Whether they were tall, petite, slim, curvy or statuesque, we see their iconic style when we look at these ladies, not their sizes.

Plus Size Flapper Style Gatsby Dresses

A beautiful example of glitzy Flapper glamour. The empire waistline and shimmery details draw the eye upwards.

Glitzy Flapper glamour

Style tips from a girl who knows Plus Size Gatsby Dresses

 Another elegant example of an empire waist, this gown's color and detailing are very slimming. Gatsby-era starlets are always portrayed as whip-thin, doe-eyed waifs, but in reality, the female body of the 1920s varied just as much as it does today, and even the most voluptuous party girls wore glittery fringed gowns, sparkling tiaras, and matching high heeled shoes. They were not simply “pulling it off”- they were owning it! Women of that age rarely looked at size tags because most of their clothes were either handmade or altered off the rack to fit and flatter their figures. Photos from that era show smartly- dressed women of all shapes and sizes, and all of them are fabulous. They were experts at accessorizing, and they paid top dollar for quality. These concepts are still applicable today, especially for gals who love plus size Gatsby dresses.

Channel Your Inner Flapper

Anyone can recreate the fluid elegance that defines the 1920's Flapper style. It is all about creating balance by emphasizing your best assets and downplaying the features that make you feel self-conscious. In short, know which plus size Gatsby dress styles flatter your body shape, and everything else will fall into place. Unsure about your shape? Ask a stylish, trustworthy friend or do a little research online. There are thousands of guides, but look for one with images and examples. Basic garment shapes like the A-line skirt and the empire waist are timeless and will translate to any era, including the decadent Roaring Twenties.
1920's Flapper style

This classic A-line cut flatters almost any body type, and the filmy, flowing sleeves offer coverage without adding bulk.

 The vintage femininity and subtle coloring make this hat a perfect accoutrement to any ensemble. What to look for when shopping for figure-flattering attire for a Gatsby-themed event:

  • Flapper-style gowns with ornamental empire waistlines bring focus upward; balances apple shapes
  • Dresses with detailing at the waist accentuate an hourglass figure
  • Give a straight figure more shape with V-shaped necklines and decorative dropped waists
  • Trapeze and bat wing sleeves add period drama while covering arms and shoulders.
  • Accessories of the era like exquisite hats for day and extravagant headpieces for evening, really pull the look together.
This fabulous jacket evokes Edwardian elegance, yet it would never be out of place in the Gatsby mansion.
Peep-toe heels in peacock shades combine Gatsby extravagance with an Art Nouveau flourish. Tie it together with decadent accessories:
  • 1920s jewelry was delicate yet ornate and often featured multiple strands of diamonds and pearls.
  • Don't be afraid to pair wide, jewel-encrusted bracelets with bold rings, chandelier earrings and extravagant hair ornaments.
  • Gatsby themed events are the perfect time to unveil grandma's prized Art Deco pieces.
  • If it dangles and sparkles, it will probably work.
  • “Anything goes” in the Gatsby manor! Don't feel chained to historical accuracy. Anachronistic touches are fine, especially when they are bold and stylish.
flapper style wedding white shoes

These Art Deco style shoes look like they were plucked right off of Daisy's feet! 

This glamorous evening coat has a 1950's flair, but it would look just as good over your Flapper attire. A vintage themed wedding or party may be the only time when you are encouraged to dress like your grandmother, but it can be a challenge. If you see it as an opportunity to employ your creativity, it may make shopping a lot easier. Which do you think is harder to find, plus size Gatsby dresses or the appropriate accessories? Here are some more articles about vintage inspired dressing for for plus size Gatsby inspired women:

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