Roaring 20s A Breathless Moment in Time

by Karen

The four of us had decided days ago that we were going dancing and nothing was going to stop us. After a nice long and exhausting trip into the city we each found the most flattering and decadent outfits the city had to offer. I chose a knee length satin and lace number complete with a long beaded necklace, black gloves that ran clear past my elbow, and a darling peacock feather headband. A couple of the girls picked out fringed or beaded flappers they were sure would move and shake on the dance floor in just the right way. We finished up our shopping spree with a movie at the local theater. The day was tiring to be sure but, we had such a wonderful time together. We couldn't believe how late it was when we got back home. On Friday we would meet up again.

20s A Breathless

Friday came and my girlfriends took me out to a little club just outside of town. As we settled in and listened to the slow jazz music in the background this hot finger-snapping gentleman across the room caught my eye. His smoldering glance nearly knocked my breath clean out of my chest. I quickly looked away and back to my friends who were oblivious to my predicament. He was tall, sharply dressed, and wickedly handsome. And he was sauntering over to our table. I sat as still as possible, trying desperately not to catch his deep dark eyes with mine. It was no use; he was pulling me in as I pulled out a cig. He lit it immediately with the slightest of grins. I was melting. Then he spoke. His voice had a richness of the most delectable chocolate. I forgot completely I was with others until they giggled and snickered to each other. The music started getting faster and the girls went to dance; leaving me with him. He stood beside me; close beside me. Then he took my hand in his. I couldn't breathe. Gently, he pulled me up and out of my chair. I dashed my cig as he led me away from the table. This mystery man glided onto the dance floor with such style I am quite sure all eyes were on us. For just a brief moment I felt them staring and then lost myself in his tangling arms. And we danced. It was slower than the music called for. But, it was so right for us. Just as I was loosing the feeling of the packed club, he was done leading me in this romantic dance. We quietly headed out of the club and onto a private portico. The stars were magnificent and the night was cool. He bowed and gingerly kissed the back of my hand; thanking me for the dance. Those were his first words to me. I couldn't speak; I could barely breathe. What was next; I couldn't imagine. He moved me in for an embrace that both startled and calmed me at the same time. This man, whom I had never met, made me feel unspeakable things. An eternity passed outside. We didn't talk; just held each other under the stars. It was mesmerizing; the passion between two strangers.

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