The retro style of the roaring 20’s. Neo-vintage styles by Nataya

by Karen

Look at the recent runway shows. 80% of the new looks are retro inspired styles mainly from the roaring 20’s or the mambo classic 60’s. These styles all look different but one common element unites these trends, and that element is the truly memorable silhouette.

Let us start with the roaring twenties. We mentioned this style recently and now it’s time to look at it a little closer. The roaring twenties is definitely one of the ears that create a burning nostalgia within. The gals of the 20’s were flirtatious creatures who had very special styles of dresses, accessories and overall looks. The styles of the “Russian emigrants in Paris”, “la belle époque” or “flirty flapper” can be seen in different collections of designers the world over. The first re-birth of the style dated back to the boho 70’s. Back then, world tendencies offering 20’s inspired dresses were called the “neo-vintage” trend. Yet the TOP brands were afraid of releasing such collections for wholesale production. Nevertheless the true retro inspired fashionistas were starving for the stunning silhouettes of the 20’s and eventually brands succumbed, releasing the highly desired 20’s inspired sets and silhouettes. In 2012-2013 we’ll see splashes of the flapper silhouettes, jazz collections or “la belle époque” inspired gowns. The fabulous designer Nataya also released memorable silhouettes styled as memorable silhouettes of the 20’s. The re-birth of “dissolute” fashion became one of the tendencies in 2008 when Kate Moss appeared in the 20’s inspired “dissolute” bolero. She won the greatest delight among fashionistas all over the world and, thus, many gals also wished to try on the style of the “dissolute” gal. Most mass market brands immediately reacted to this offbeat demand. Almost every fashion house offered its own view of the 20’s rebirth. There were loose beaded dresses or dresses with sequins styled in the romantic spirit of the 20’s. Many retailers released dresses of “dissolute” gals and oftentimes it was hard to tell the difference between them. As a result, the main styles of the 20’s made their mark in the latest years of the 00’s and prepared the perfect “soil” to grow the 20’s inspired styles in the new 2010’s. In 1926 Coco Chanel released her best known model dress – the tiny black dress. In the 20’s the first true lady vamp was presented to the world. Such a lady used to be a fragile gal with a teenager type of figure, pale face, bobbed haircut in dark colors and effusive dark eye shadows all around the lids. Gatsby brought another style of beauty… the healthy sports gals who played either golf or tennis. Such gals needed a slight tan and a truly sporty figure. Thinking of your glam look styled in the 20’s, you should know the following truly attributes to do the style right:

  • · Round toes on the shoes or long toes on the shoes
  • · The 20’s inspired band all around the head with sequins or feathers. Another variation is the silk band all around the head with either a bow or a big flower
  • · Long chains or one long string of pearls
  • · Bobbed flat haircuts in dark colors or finger waves styled in a cold way
  • · Dark eye shadows and red lipstick
  • · Veil stockings in black
  • · A throat wrap or a boa especially if you plan an art-deco inspired style
  • · Bare back dresses
In 1925 the length of the dress exceeded all limits and sets were produced in over the knee lengths. Let’s have a glimpse at the most wearable styles by Nataya, inspired by the vamp and roaring twenties. This Black Swan dress will work if you want to dawn something from the “Russian emigrants” collections that appeared in many Paris collections during those days. “Diaghilev’s seasons” inspired dresses ruled the world of the 20’s Paris fashion.

20's style dress by nataya

The next art-deco inspired Neo-vintage dress is the quintessential “20’s” if you wear one long string of pearls and those special 20’s inspired bands with bows.
Art-deco inspired Neo-vintage dress
Ivory palazzo set by Nataya will also look great with long beads and stylish long toed shoes.

the 20's inspired trousers set

The flapper inspired model by Nataya will look splendid on a flirty gal who wore black veil stockings. Bands with feathers may come out a perfect “supporting” accessory.

the flapper inspired dress for formals

The following flapper styled dress will also support the chosen line of the roaring 20’s.
20's flapper styled dress
La belle inspired dress in tea length is a perfect style for the glam gal with la belle époque inspired makeup.
Belle inspired dress in tea length
The next jazz set by Nataya will be also up to the chosen line of the roaring Charleston and New Orleans’s jazz party.
jazz set by Nataya party
If you plan 20’s inspired “la belle époque”, “jazz”, “flapper” or art-deco parties you will discover many retro inspired styles by Nataya in our catalogue. We wish you the best roaring events!

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