Old Hollywood inspired styles by Nataya

by Karen

Old Hollywood Divas are still very popular mainly because critics claim that their performances are much more expressive than the ones of the present day. Old Hollywood stars showed the how to look gorgeous despite flaws and stereotyped beauty. They themselves dictated the new trends of beauty and style and paved the way for the Hollywood Fund of Style for future Divas. It’s perhaps because of them that Hollywood is still alive and the quintessential Old Hollywood style is worshipped by many celebrities nowadays.

Old Hollywood vintage fashion style dress in grey

Let us introduce the top Hollywood Inspired Styles by Nataya. These dresses will help to play the role of the most beloved Old Hollywood divas… on photo paper. After Vivien Leigh became the star of “Gone with the wind”, she sparkled in Waterloo Bridge. Her style of Myra had much influence on many Hollywood divas of the 40’s and grew into one of the most highly used 40’s inspired style for dresses. To play an Old Hollywood Goddess you can dawn the Old Empire Dress by Nataya. This dropping style has much in common with the good old style of the 40’s. During World War II, another European Star kept the attention of Old Hollywood with her singing rather than acting. Edith Piaf brought the idea of the dark Paris tango dress and made it extremely popular ever after. This style is still living on the main stages of both Europe and the USA. Little sparrow (her stage name translated from French) made even modern celebs dress in light and dark chiffon dresses. Speaking of outrageous Red Carpet styles, a conversation is not complete without Carole Lombard. Her waving blunt bob style multiplied by her extra ordinary 30’s style dresses inspired even the highest fashion designers’ collections using well known silhouettes. The Sage Vintage Romantic Dress is a picture-perfect representation of on Lombard’s style. Her majesty Ava Gardner made unique V-necklines not only her calling card but also the inspiration for all fashion designers. This unique vintage style still works to this day. One of Nataya Vintage Wedding dresses for alternative brides was designed using this style. “Mean Gal” of Old Hollywood, Bette Davis, at times a smoker, was the first of what we now refer to as bad “bad girls”. Her cranky style can be portrayed by means of another balmy dress for alternative brides. When talking about old Hollywood glamour, Greta Garbo was undeniably always at the pinnacle of Old Hollywood Glamour. The way she pronounced her words, her allure and intimate style won her the fame and glamour of inspiring Hollywood Diva the world over. To copy her style, try the unique Hollywood inspired prom dresses by Nataya. To be One of Alfred Hitchcock’s muses is to be Ingrid Bergman. To mimic Ingrid’s perfect Swedish outfit, you need to start by going blond and wearing the Lace Victorian Dress, which was created for those ladies who radiate natural beauty and perfect grace. Our narration about Old Hollywood styles won’t be complete without mentioning Katharine Houghton Hepburn who was not only a film but also stage actress. She brought the idea of wide trousers and palazzo pants to the puritanical Hollywood Society and was faithful to her beloved style till the end of her life. Her picture-perfect trousers are most commonly portrayed by wearing Beaded Vintage Jacket and Nataya Palazzo Pants. You can be the star of the present day while preserving the grace of Old Hollywood divas. And when you are the center of attention at your Fall occasion, this feeling will stay with you for the rest of your life... You may also have a look at: Top Vintage Ideas for Halloween Party 10 Best Fall Prom Dresses by Nataya

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