The Most Fabulous Roaring Twenties Footwear

by Karen

The Most Fabulous Roaring Twenties Footwear

The Roaring Twenties were arguably one of the most fashion-forward decades ever. That’s probably why media and pop culture are so focused on this transformative era. If you love the 1920s, throwing a costume party is a must. This gives everyone you know the opportunity to put on their most fabulous frocks and footwear. If you are hosting or attending a 1920s extravaganza, a Gatsby-themed soiree, a Miss Fisher murder mystery, or a Downton Abbey dinner party, you must look the part from head to toe. Take a look at the most fabulous types of footwear from the 1920s to determine which will be the perfect match for your look.


The T-Strap was a kind of heeled pump that was all the rage during the 1920s, and it’s popularity even persisted into the 1930s. Just like it sounds, a T-strap shoe includes an ankle strap as well as a strap that extends down from the ankle strap to the top of the shoe. They usually also includes other perforations or stylish cut-outs to complement the look of the cut-outs created by the T-strap. t strap shoes T-Straps were considered very feminine, and the straps made them perfect for dancing the night away. While lighter colors were appropriate for causal summer days, black or metallic T-Straps were paired exclusively with eveningwear. For an authentic 1920s look, pair Art Deco inspired T-straps in black or rose gold with an embellished flapper dress.


Men’s Oxfords had been around for decades before the 1920s. During the Jazz Age, however, these classic styles started to be adapted and recreated for women. Women’s oxfords sometimes featured the shoe’s classic two-tone pattern. Other times, they would be a dark brown or black. These shoes usually featured decorative perforations or patterns to increase their appeal.

oxfords retro shoes

The main difference between men and women’s Oxfords was the heel height. While some women’s Oxfords had only a slight 1” heel, variations from later in the decade included a more substantial Cuban heel. Recreate a classic 1920s look by wearing a pair of heeled Oxfords with tights, a midi-skirt, and a casual blouse.


Saddle shoes are fun, slight sporty, and easy to wear. Originally, saddle shoes started out as men’s sporting shoes in the early 1900s. While men were inclined to wear sharp Oxfords in the 1920s, women embraced the simplicity of the saddle shoe and it’s delightful two-toned pattern. Typically, women’s saddle shoes featured a white canvas body with a black leather “saddle” in the middle.

Susie classic saddle shoes in bluewhite

 These flat shoes were perfect for participating in sports and other activities that rose to popularity in the 1920s. With that said, saddle shoes were also offered with a slight Cuban heel to make them more feminine and ladylike. Pair your saddle shoes with a floral A-line dress and a cloche for a cute and casual look straight from the 1920s.

Lace Up

During the 1920s, women certainly didn’t wear boots the way that women wear them today. With that said, there were a number of footwear designs that resembled what we would refer to as a “bootie” today. These shoes covered the entire foot and featured a delicate lace-up detail on the top. Just like many other shoes on this list, these lace up styles were incredibly feminine and usually featured a 2.5” inch heel. These leather shoes were ideal for all weather wear and were a great alternative to T-strap sandals. Pair yours with an elegant, floor-length Downton Abbey dress for an authentic, Art-Deco inspired look.

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