Our Choice: A Wedding Dress in the Style of the '20s

by Karen

Ah, the luxurious life of the 1920s: the dresses, the atmosphere, and spirit of the time - and now a wave of weddings in the style of The Great Gatsby has already begun. In fact, Gatsby style belongs to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. Let's plunge into the luxury of the 1920s together and try to understand the peculiarities of the wedding dress in the Gatsby style.

The image and style of the wedding dress of the 1920s in America featured:

• Feathers

• Fringe

• Shine

• Lace

• Pearls

• Gold

• Crystals

• Beads

The main color that is always present at the wedding is gold. It can form the main part of the color palette, and maybe also the accent color. To complement the gold-centered palette in the style of Gatsby, the colors used most often are black, white, and shades of beige. You can also add other shades: For example, a delicate peach or green.

Delicate Daisy from the movie "The Great Gatsby" sported in tight (but not tight-fitting - the model "mermaid" does not fit) outfits emphasizing the graceful silhouette - lush crinolines were not a trend in her time. Instead, flowing silk and weightless chiffon gowns with open backs and modest necklines, emphasizing the breasts of the drapery and the erotic lace into which the fragile shoulders are wrapped are the main stylistic features of the dress of that era.  

Pearl necklaces and bracelets, shiny luxury jewelry, boas, wraps, fur coats - all these are also integral details of the image of the bride. Long eyelashes, underlined eyebrows, light glow - all these are irreplaceable details of Gatsby-style makeup. If you are wearing red lipstick, then choose the most juicy scarlet shade.

And may this day be an unforgettable holiday!

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