Great Gatsby Style from Head to Toe

by Karen

The Cannes presented the world a new drama about Jay Gatsby and his passion for Daisy Buchannan. Indeed, we have seen several versions of the Great Gatsby, but until now, the most successful one was considered the version with Mia Farrow. However, the more recent version with Leo Di Caprio may prove to be the most successful of all.

 So, please allow us to provide you with another re-animation of the Great Gatsby era. And as long as the new costumes continue to appear on screen, we will continue introducing our own very unique takes on The Gatsby style.

This unique style is ideal for weddings, but not just for the brides. Guests, bridesmaids and even mothers of the brides may wear many of our items.
Let’s get it started. As is fitting to today’s blog post, we begin with the head. Recently, acquired many different accessories to wear as headpieces.
The first item we would like to present is the “Princess Beth” cloche hat, which is quickly becoming one of our bestsellers. This hat is one of a kind, designed by Louisa Voisine, exclusively for
Princess Beth cloche hat
The second variation of hats worn during the Gatsby era is actually our second best seller, the “Princess Mary” hat. Both cloche hats, designed by Louisa Voisine, are perfect add-ons for mothers of the brides as well as bridesmaids, cousins and sisters of the uniting couple.
Gatsby era fashion hat
But we have only just begun! We have many more fashionable items to wear at upcoming weddings.
Shop at for a beautiful collection of Gatsby style tiaras, flapper style headbands and art-deco crystal headpieces that may be used not only by the brides but also by the gals who are going out in art-deco or flapper style dress. Headed to the red carpet with Daisy Buchanan?
flapper style headbands
flapper style headbands
flapper style headbands
If you thought, we are finished with the styles of Great Gatsby era, you are wrong. We are still far from the end. The aforementioned flapper headbands are a small piece of the selection from our unique collection. You will find plenty of items for your vintage inspired dresses.
unique flapper vintage fashion headbands
If you are the bride, you will absolutely fall in love with the following Gatsby style birdcage veil designed by Tatishotties. If you are not fan of veils, fear not, you may like the combs in art-deco style. They, too, bring back memories of the signature styles of Daisy Buchanan.
Gatsby style birdcage veil
And if you love Daisy Buchanan-style jewelry, you will be surprised at how many similar signature items we have.
We now introduce the following Gatsby style bracelets. Art-deco and flapper era inspired bracelets are splendid additions to complete your Daisy Buchanan look regardless of whether you are a bride or guest.
Gatsby style bracelets
Art-deco and flapper era inspired bracelets
Keeping in line with the Daisy Buchanan jewelry style, you will probably love the art-deco inspired earrings, which are available in different variations, not only in classy ivory or white colors. All the items are made either of white gold or of sterling silver.
art-deco inspired earrings
white gold earrings
Though that is only a small sample of our jewelry collection, we’d like to move on to the signature Gatsby era dresses by Nataya.
The first is the Gatsby style dress in ivory. This is, without any doubt, the classiest wedding dress for all roaring 20’s inspired brides. But wait, we have one more new arrival: the Gatsby dress in Rose and Golden shades. This dress is incredibly versatile, as it is suited not only for mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and guests, but also as the wedding dress for the second marriage.
Gatsby style wedding dress in ivoryGatbsy style wedding dress in rose and gold
The signature attribute of any Gatsby inspired style is definitely the low waist. Now we introduce the wedding dress with this signature waist in lace.
Vintage fashion wedding dress
For all lovers of black and white jazz inspired apparel adorn yourself in either the Gatsby inspired Daisy Buchannan dress or the 1920’s tango dress. By the way, the roaring twenties was not only the era of Jazz and Charleston, but many celebrities of that time also loved Argentina tango.
Gatsby inspired Daisy Buchannan dress
1920’s tango dress
The next dress is oftentimes used as Gatsby inspired although it doesn’t have a signature waist, and it’s rather Edwardian-esque. However many of our customers used it as their Gatsby or Flapper jazz apparel. Again, if you are not a bride you may purchase the black variation of this dress. It can be your perfect outfit for the cinema or special occasion.
Gatsby inspired white wedding dress
Black variation of this dress
No doubt, the Jazz silhouette dress by Nataya is a perfect pair for the classy Gatsby era long string of pearls. It is the perfect cocktail dress for the flapper inspired evening near the pool.
Jazz silhouette dress by Nataya
The most suitable Gatsby style pair of are the “Sara” shoes by Bella belle.
However, ladies, watch your eyes, as we are about to have the new flapper style collection of jazz shoes with the flapper inspired signature symbol. Don’t miss out!
Whatever your occasion, if you have chosen Gatsby line for your affair, you can rest assured it will be remarkable!

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