Risk and Fun: 1920s Gangster or Gatsby Party

by Karen

In the early part of the twentieth century, risk and fun ran hand and hand. This Halloween, allow yourself to take a few risks with your costume and have a fun night. Creating the right look of this era is essential. You can't go too big for dressing in the 1920s. Here is a list of glamorous fashion and fun accessories to make your costume stand out at any 1920s Gangster or Gatsby Party:
  • Cigarette Holder
  • Headpiece or Headband
  • Feather Boa
  • Pearls, long strands
  • Above Elbow Satin Gloves
  • Fringe
  • Pinstripes
  • Sequins and Beads
Flapper white vintage dress
Examples of Dresses to Wear
Dressing the part of a flapper girl or gangster is simple this Halloween with dresses from the WardobeShop. And, if you buy now you will receive 10% off your order.

Hair and Makeup

It’s not only about what is on your body for a complete costume. You can use some of these tried and true ides to get just the right hair and makeup, too.
  • Smokey eyes
  • Long lashes
  • Red lips
  • Short, sleek hair
  • Up-do for longer tresses

Examples of Dresses to Wear

This short white cocktail dress by Sue Wong would be a great number for this kind of party. Accessorize with this peacock feather Lady Olivia Headband and shoes for the perfect day party.
Flapper style wedding shoes in Tuquoise, Model "Ginger"
Examples of Dresses to Wear
Examples of Dresses to Wear
Examples of Dresses to Wear
For a nighttime gathering, this beaded flapper, also by Sue Wong, will astound. Match this with long strands of beads and highrise heels.
 Examples of Dresses to Wear
Not everyone likes to show off their legs. Plazzo pants can be worn as an excellent option for a 1920s Gangster or Gatsby Halloween party. Couple these with a sleek pair of pumps and long strands of pearls for a brilliant gangster look.
Rayon Vintage Style Palazzo Pants by Nataya
Examples of Dresses to Wear
Whichever outfit you choose know that your style and personality will show through. So, have fun this Friday at a 1920s Gangster or Gatsby Halloween party.

Don't Forget the Man in Your Life

Isn't your partner just as much an accessory as anything else worn? Be sure to dress your man in a pinstripe suit of either black or white. Or jazz him up with a dazzling colorful zoot suit. Accessories for the guys are simple and you can use them too. Try on a fedora. Play with some toy guns. Give your man a special flask for his pocket (you can keep one in your purse too.)


Halloween in some areas come with cool weather. Don't forget a great style outside of your dress. Here are a couple a beautiful coats and jackets to keep you warm on your way to the party.

beautiful jackets to wear to a party
Vintage Style Jacket in Black by Nataya Extras

Make your entrance to this party just as exciting. Rent a period style car like this one. Some rental car places may even let you add fake bullet holes to the exterior.

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