Flapper ideas for the coming New Year Party

by Karen

You may call them coquettes, you may call them too much giddy young things, but each of us, gals, at least once and a life wanted to dawn their style and turn ourselves into these roaring 20’s style ladies. Halloween’s gone but the New Year Parties are coming and that is the chance to take and play the role of mischievous flapper lady! Make use of these truly flapper styles and create the flapper style of your own! Nataya brand is now famous as of one of the fabulous brands to release flapper inspired collections. But, unfortunately, these dresses will work at half their ability without a proper flapper inspired hairstyle. Fortunately, you can save tons of money and do your hair up at home.
  • Use hair clips to fix the wave lines of your future flapper finger waves, let the hair dry in a natural way and then fix your style with some balm
  • If you have long hair you have the two variants: use hair rollers or curling iron to make the waves and then fix these waves with a hair spray and clips. The second way is to make a bun or knot (the second variant works better for last minute hairdo), and use front locks to be waved with hair clips. This trick really saves time.
  • You can use flatter iron to emphasize your straight short bob and fiх your hairdo with hair modeling balm.
Here comes another great idea for last minute makeup: use dark grey color for your lids, but make lower lid a little bit wider, use mascara or fake lashes. Yet do not forget a lipstick either. The better color for your lipstick is black-bardic. Make your lips narrower than their actual size. The complete look will remind you the “belle époque” style. And overall, such makeup won’t take you more than just 10 minutes!!! We made a decision to introduce the best of the best Nataya flapper ideas of long, middle and extra short length. You can choose any model and pick up your beloved ones. Any model from represented below are truly breathtaking, right for the ones to seek something gorgeous and roaring. 1920’s inspired Black Swan dress represents the views of “belle époque”. If you can boast with dark long locks like those of Salma Hayek, you mustn’t miss this model. Not too many of them are still in sale! Apply aforementioned “last minute belle époque makeup” and all men at the party will be yours!
Another best medium length appearance is the 1920’s Style Tango Dress. It also goes perfect with the hair of long length, because the medium length oftentimes is used for the long hair owners.
1920’s inspired Black Swan dress
 And the lovers of medium length flapper sets shouldn’t miss this Flapper Awesome Camisole set either. Great ideas always work for great people, by dawning this set you will look really great! flapper style camisolle set
But now it’s time to introduce best long length dresses. The following 20’s inspired Hollywood Dress is a perfect vibe outfit reminding the perfect gracious styles of Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. And this dress is still available in black so you’d better hurry to play the role of your most beloved Old Hollywood Celebs. 20's style old hollywood evening gowns
And all flapper dancers are known as innovators to have brought short bobbed hairdos and short dresses for very roaring and active Charleston pas. So here is the first Short Flapper Style Model in coral.
Short Flapper Style Model in coral

 If you’re looking for the short flapper inspired dresses in whimsical flapper colors the next Short Vintage dress will do splendid!

Short Vintage flapper dress

This is the most Incredible Flapper Model to go with a bird cage veil and peacock feathers. You can hide even some mistakes in makeup or hairstyle, nobody resist your charm when you’re walking in this dress.

flapper style short dresses

Don’t forget the winter is still outside. And to warm up you should pick up a perfect flapper’s style gowns. The Frilled Flapper set will warm you up and simultaneously give you a perfect smell of the roaring 20’s.

Frilled Flapper set

 To be modern and flapper like at a time you may try the Flapper Style Top. This model especially perfect look for the red headed gals whose season type is Fall. 

Flapper Style Top

 And don’t forget to attach our Prima Flapper Model to your “must have flapper style list”. You won’t regret!

Short Flapper Style New Year Dress

 We are sure, you will produce a really flapper style impression and will feast a truly roaring Flapper Style New Year Party! Be Roaring!

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