Downton Abbey inspired Worlds by Louisa Voisine Millinery

by Karen

All ladies who love the drama “Downton Abbey” may associate its inimitable style of Edwardian and World War I days not only with Nataya's designs, but also with the beautiful hats worn by Maggie Smith and other celebrities of the famous drama. These beautiful creations, called “chapeaus” (which originated from the French word for "hat”) are also clearly the inspiration behind the stunning world of hats created by our fabulous new designer from Las Vegas, Louisa Voisine Millinery. Her creations are primarily inspired by Downton Abbey periods, that is, Edwardian-inspired days of the early 1910’s on into the Gatsby era of the late 1920’s.

 “The mother” of all these beautiful creations, Louisa Voisine Millinery studied in Boston and travelled all around the world which helped her discover more and more beautiful findings for future designs.

By the way, if you starve to know more facts about Louisa Voisine’s personality, you will definitely love the following: “Louisa’s creations have graced The Kentucky Derby and Louisa is currently a winner of the 2012 Kentucky Derby design contest. Louisa’s design is currently displayed in the Churchill Hill Downs Hall of Fame Museum in Lexington, Kentucky”.
Louisa Voisine is the designer for The Royal Tea Society and, not surprisingly, her creations may be found all over the world: from the royal societies in England to lovers of chapel hats in the USA. We adore her creations and are truly glad she has opened a new page at The No, not a page. A new world of splendid hat designs inspired by Downton Abbey.
It may seem that Louisa’s hats have many things in common with Old UK. Indeed, the designs oftentimes are inspired by Edwardian fashion, but it’s not the only fact to be known – her creations appeared in different versions of the famous Celtic-inspired show, Lord of the Dance!
And now, let us do a modest review of the truly royal chapel hats designed by Louisa Voisine Millinery!
The first hat we would love to introduce is the "Princess Beth Cloche" hat by Louisa Voisine Millinery. The beautiful Gatsby-era hat may be worn for tea parties, vintage-style flapper affairs and as a hat for mothers or sisters of the uniting couples. The style has no bearing upon age.
Gatsby-era dresses
Another stunning style, a headpiece, designed by Louisa Voisine Millinery is no doubt the "Princess Donna Fascinator". The fascinator is a good alternative to the wide-brimmed hats that some gals may associate with their grannies. If you prefer headpieces for the chapel, tea wedding ceremonies, or looking for a fascinator in alternative wedding colors, then you will definitely love this piece as it was designed especially for The!
The "Princess Mary Cloche" hat by Louisa Voisine Millinery is the perfect head apparel for vintage-inspired brides or mothers-of-the-bride. As you may judge by the form of the hat, it was mostly inspired by the late 1920’s Gatsby days and also reminds one of the last season of “Downton Abbey”.
Princess Mary Cloche hat

 The "Lady Alexandra" hat by Louisa Voisine Millinery, which was also designed especially for The's vintage collections, is also a perfect accessory for all Edwardian-inspired dresses by Nataya, especially the titanic-style dresses in chocolate or mauve shades. The combination of “Titanic dress + Downton Abbey hat” will come out gorgeous for chapel ceremonies.  

Lady Alexandra hat by Louisa Voisine Millinery

 You may assume that Louisa Voisine’s creations are mainly suited for late brides, guests of honor, or mothers of the couple. We assure you, this is not so. The "Lady Anna" collection by Louisa Voisine Millinery was designed especially for younger gals. This hat begs to be paired with juvenile colors of younger bridesmaids.

Lady Anna collection by Louisa Voisine Millinery

 The following two hats are almost “twins” in the Louisa Voisine collection of hats. Feel free to choose the variation that is dearest to your heart! The first is called “Lady Heidi” and will be the perfect chapel or derby hat, especially paired with a black lace gown by Nataya. The second, called “Lady Katherine,” will go perfectly for tea wedding ceremonies and Nataya's darker dresses in gun metal or chocolate.

Twins in the Louisa Voisine collection of hats

 Finally, we cannot help but share the beautiful hat by Louisa Voisine in bright gold and turquoise shades. This chapeau, called “Lady Laura,” will undoubtedly be the precious pearl of your Edwardian-inspired vintage-style chapel or tea wedding.

Beautiful hat by Louisa Voisine in bright gold and turquoise shades

 We are really glad to present to you all of these beautiful creationss by Louisa Voisine Millinery and will be glad to share the new worlds of Downton-Abbey-inspired hats that talented personality of Louisa Voisine Millinery has brought to life on The

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