Downton Abbey Inspired Dresses of Post-Edwardian Period

by Karen

The fictional abbey of the post-Edwardian period located in Yorkshire is now the setting of the most discussed and most debated television series around the world. The post “Downton-Inspired Fashion and Style for Everyday” inspired today’s posting. The beautiful lady who does really impressive research about the good old days of post-Edwardian fashion really looks well put together every time she steps out into public. 

Now, months after this post was first published, our collection has increased significantly, as well as our series inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Thus, we have decided to do our own research and look at fashion trends during the period from the Titanic catastrophe to the first years of new fashion in the 1920s, the way they are incorporated into the program Downton Abbey, and the influence they have on our present collections.
All fans of the series remember the beginning of the drama. The only heir at law died in the Titanic catastrophe, and the young lady named Mary Crawley was the candidate to inherit everything from her father and her mum. The first episodes take our breath away with the empire waist silhouettes because they look truly impressive.
Nataya’s post-Victorian Titanic Collection looks really impressive, and if you are looking for an evening or wedding gown inspired by those days, please pay attention to our Titanic-inspired line. We are pleased to inform you that the line is now full of new dresses in new colors.
Honestly speaking, all the ladies (in all the series set in the period) look as if Nataya herself dressed them. Nevertheless, we must move forward to the days of World War I—the first days of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and the Roaring Twenties.
First, the upper waist silhouette was lowered. The new Mother Of the Bride Wedding Guest Dress by Nataya is a beautiful sample of this silhouette.
Mother Of the Bride Wedding Guest Dress
 Happy Mother Of the Bride Wedding Guest Dress by Nataya
The beginning of women’s emancipation also influenced the style of dress in the early twentieth century. The dresses became very short, reflecting the new freedoms of the time.
Nataya’s new Art Nouveau and Gatsby lines look like reproductions that have been reanimated by the great masters.
Great Gatsby Tea Party Dress in Blue by Nataya
But the aforementioned style is not all that we have to describe. We have also seen other tendencies in past Edwardian fashion. The empire silhouette finally gave the way to a new silhouette — the flapper, Charleston, or jazz waist. This lower waist is usually located right on the hip line.
1920s Tango Party Dress by Nataya
1920s Tango Party Dress by Nataya
Also, Nataya’s collection is full of post-Edwardian two-piece sets. Pick the proper accessories, and it’s easy to wear these outfits for both day and evening events.
Edwardian fashion Long sleeve top in Black
Long sleeve top ALT-193 in Black
That’s not all. You may remember the famous scene on the platform. Didn’t you love her coat, the coat of the heroine? We are pleased to let you know that our Winter Collection contains two long-length coats in violet and black that look just the aforementioned style. You may also have loved the new coat from episode three. If so, you’ll be glad to know that the new Nataya collection was broadened with the addition of the new Vintage-Style Coat (knee length) in black.
Taffeta Bubbled Jacket in Black by Nataya
 Taffeta Bubbled Jacket in Black by Nataya
Please enjoy Nataya’s new ideas, and keep up with the line that reflects your beloved series.

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