Creating A Roaring 1920s Halloween Costume 

by Karen

Creating A Roaring 1920s Halloween Costume

 Halloween is right around the corner, meaning it’s a great time to start thinking about what costume you’ll be wearing to your big Halloween party or spooky soiree. We naturally prefer vintage-inspired costumes. This year, however, we think that an ultra-glam outfit that channels the 1920s is one of the best ones around! Flapper fashion is perhaps the best way to celebrate this holiday. Because were coming up on 2020, there’s never been a better time to pay homage to the original Roaring Twenties. Plus, there are plenty of different combinations you can put together to create fabulous flapper looks with their own unique personality. Here is our guide to creating a show-stopping 1920s Halloween costume that is sure to take everyone’s breath away. Plus, we’ve put together a few different outfits for you so you can spend more time partying and less time planning.

Styling Your Flapper Halloween Costume

Choosing a Dress

Don’t think that dressing like a Flapper means you have to look one certain way. There are actually so many different looks you can create when trying to channel this opulent decade. With fabulous 1920s inspired dresses in so many styles, colors, and designs, you’ll be able to put your own twist on this classic idea. Plus, sticking with an authentic-inspired garment will make you look much more interesting than going with a standard, store-bought flapper look from the costume shop.

Selecting Your Shoes

When creating a fabulous Flapper Halloween costume, take your footwear into consideration. Authentically-inspired shoes will take your look to a chic new level. Modern or extremely “trendy” footwear options (like platforms or stilettos) will cheapen the look. Instead, select heels that mimic what an actual 1920s party girl would have worn at the time.

Deciding on Accessories

There’s one thing that was certain about style in the Roaring ‘20s: Flappers loved accessories. From headbands and cloche hats to pearls, beaded handbags, and Art Deco jewelry - there was simply no limit to what these party girls would pick. When creating your Flapper costume, don’t worry about going a little over-the-op. Decadence was all the rage in this era, so don’t shy away from going a little overboard.

Getting Glam

Hair and makeup from this era is one of the best parts about dressing up like a flapper. Once again, don’t think that there’s only one style that you’re stuck with. There are plenty of different looks you can create. To ensure they look perfect, find tutorials online that will help you create breathtakingly beautiful up-dos and makeup looks.

Costume 1

Classic Gatsby Party-Girl

If you want to look like a bad-girl seductress who made a statement at Speakeasies and Jazz Clubs all over town, you’ve come to the right place. This sultry take on a classic flapper look puts a slightly modern twist on a classic flapper outfit. While the items and accessories remain authentic, you’ll look like a bombshell that stepped out of a party scene in “The Great Gatsby.” For this look, dark colors and lots of drama are key. Have fun with your look and don’t shy away from wearing fringe or piling on accessories. With this look, almost anything goes as long as you end up looking like a sultry flapper by the time you’re done!

The Dress

A dark party dress with Art Deco beading is key for this marvelous, mysterious look. Dresses with dramatic details are a must-have. It doesn’t matter if you go for a look with embellished panels or rows upon rows of fringe - just find a sultry flapper dress that will make a stylish scene on the dance floor.

The Accessories

A chic hairpiece is a must for this look. While a flapper-style headband with glittering embellishments is an excellent choice, you can make it even more mysterious by adding an authentically inspired turban-style hat with lots of elegant beading. Top it off with a layered pearl necklace to channel notorious 1920s party girl Josephine Baker.

The Shoes

For this look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of T-strap pumps. There are plenty of modern options on the market, but if you want an authentic 1920s look you’ll want to keep the heel a little more demure. These gorgeous sandals feature Art Deco accents and look just like the ones worn by ladies during the Roaring Twenties.

Hair & Makeup

Smokey eyes are a party-ready look now just like they were in the 1920s. Channel your inner flapper by opting for pale, porcelain skin, heavily lined eye makeup, and a ruby red lip. For this look, classic finger waves are a must-have and will effortlessly complement your glittering hair accessories.

Costume 2

Jazz Age Golden Girl

The 1920s were the golden age of fashion. It was a decade that was all about glamour and excess, making it one of the most exciting and progressive times in history. If you want to exude this same elegance in your Halloween costume, opt for a flapper outfit with a gorgeous golden twist. This ultra-glam outfit starts with a dress that is worthy of a 1920s Hollywood starlet. While the makeup might be a little more modern, retro hair and accessories give this decadent look a vintage twist that will keep your outfit on-point.

The Dress

A gilded flapper dress is the basis for this beautiful take on 1920s fashion. Either one of these incredible dresses will do the trick. One is golden perfection from head to toe - the other allows lustrous beading to take center stage. No matter which one you select, you’ll be well on your way to looking like a 1920s princess.

The Accessories

A beaded headband with cream or gold accents is the perfect pick for this ultra-glam outfit. It will add sparkle to your up-do while also making your ensemble look “extra” in the best way possible. Because the rest of your look is so over-the-top, try to keep your jewelry choices simple. Small chandelier earrings with Art Deco details are all you need to take this look to the next level.

The Shoes

Once again, a pair of T-strap heels is the perfect pick for this outfit. For something even more dramatic, look for heels with glittering details. These shoes have a hint of sparkle and put a slightly elevated twist on your classic pair of T-straps.

Hair & Makeup

Gilded, glowing makeup is all the rage right now. While not technically historically accurate, it will pair perfectly with your golden flapper dress and give your entire look a lustrous finish. To keep things from looking too “modern,” wear your hair in one of the most popular ‘dos of the 1920s - the bob! If you’re not keen on cutting your hair, there are plenty of “faux bob” tutorials that will teach you how to get the look for one night only.

Costume 3

Off-Duty Flapper

While party-ready looks from the 1920s are incredibly exciting, there’s also something to be said about channeling more demure looks that came out of this era. Forget fringe, beading, and over-the-top embellishments. You can channel the 1920s in a different way by dressing like an ultra-feminine flapper who was headed somewhere other than a roaring party. Start with a vintage-inspired dress with a more casual twist. When adding accessories, opt for casual items that were popular with women during the 1920s. A pair of more booties - or casual heels - will tie everything together. And don’t think that you can’t still have stunning makeup. There are soft, stylish makeup looks that will put the perfect finishing touch on your authentically-inspired 1920s outfit.

The Dress

Ruffles and frills - rather than beading and fringe - will give you a more authentic take on a 1920s glamour girl. Both of the dresses here are inspired by authentic garments from the Roaring Twenties and have a stylish, sophisticated appearance that will make you feel gorgeous.

The Accessories

1920s ladies still wore plenty of accessories during waking hours. A vintage-inspired pea coat or a fur shawl are era-appropriate pieces of outerwear that will also keep you warm on chilly, late-October nights. Flappers never left home without a cloche, so find one that complements your gown to look even more elegant.

The Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, and this one is no exception. A classic pair of boots will help you put a vintage yet casual twist on this exquisite 1920s outfit. Look for ones that lace up the front, have a slight heel, and complement the rest of your ensemble’s color story.

Hair & Makeup

Forget party-ready smokey eyes or closely cropped bobs. While these were all the rage in the 1920s, something a little more timeless is better suited for this look. Glamorous loose curls will make your costume feel refined and relaxed all at once. For your makeup, opt for a flushed, fresh-faced look to top it off to perfection.

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