Chiffon Dresses 2012: Trends and Advice

by Karen

The Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week featured many chiffon ideas and tendencies. Dior Haute Couture, to consider one collection in particular, was inspired by the chiffon style of the 1940s. Indeed, we all associate chiffon and tulle with vintage-style dresses.
Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia

(Red Carpet Dress in fuchsia)

Although haute couture should remain high fashion, we should concentrate on how to wear chiffon dresses, especially vintage-styled ones. By the way, the word chiffon means “cloth” or “rags” in French.

vintage style chiffon white dresses

(vintage style chiffon dresses)

Chiffon Options

Let’s consider chiffon dresses more closely, starting with the colors and ornamentation of chiffon. Even plus-size gals may look 1–2 sizes slimmer if they choose the right ornamentation and decoration for the fabric. The most “slimming” color is blue. Of course, it is not that the unbreakable rule “black always makes one look slimmer” doesn’t work at all. Nevertheless, violet, turquoise and blue all make the silhouette look slimmer than black does.
vintage style chiffon outfits

(vintage style chiffon outfits)

As far as black chiffon goes, it may be inlayed with some kind of thin (vertical) embroidery. In this case, black will also work for these additions.
black chiffon fashion style

(vintage style chiffon outfit)

vintage style palazzo outfit in chiffon

(vintage style chiffon outfit)

vintage style chiffon outfit

(vintage style chiffon outfit)

If you want a chiffon dress or outfit and acknowledge your figure flaws, you should pay attention to bi-colored chiffon dresses and dresses made of two differently colored chiffon fabrics. If you have problems with your hips, use modest colors for the dress, but please try to accentuate your upper parts with floral patterns or fabrics with tiny prints. If you have plump shoulders or flaws at the bust line, you may accent your hips with the same trick.

The texture of chiffon is very unusual. Moreover, if you are plus-sized, you need to consider your silhouette more than the dress color or print.

vintage style chiffon outfit with skirt

(vintage style chiffon outfit)

Chiffon garments can be the worst dresses for plus-size gals. But draped v-neckline elements on the gown may make you look airier and slimmer. Also, the ordinary draped neck will work splendidly for your silhouette, especially if you have wide hips and a modest chest.

The trapeze silhouette may be achieved with a chiffon dress in medium or tea length. But in this case (if you have obvious flaws) your overall silhouette will look as if you are wearing a nightgown. The best silhouette will be formed using an empire-style dress with a breathtaking upper waist. All unwelcome pounds dissolve away with this dress style.
vintage style chiffon red dresses

(vintage style chiffon dresses)

Chiffon cocktail dresses or evening gowns will look great on plus-size gals only if they boast well-built legs. Tunic-styled dresses should be paired with palazzo pants in contrasting colors.

Chiffon cocktail dresses or evening gowns

(vintage style chiffon dresses)

Chiffon cocktail black dresses or evening black gowns

(vintage style chiffon dresses)

Accessories for Chiffon Dresses

Not many accessories go well with chiffon-style dresses. Long chains with medium- or tiny-sized beads are classic accessories that look splendid with a chiffon dress without overweighing the silhouette. Wraps, shrugs or shawls go better with chiffon than jewelry. Regarding handbags, a ridicule-style purse in a color of velvet that matches your dress is a great choice, but leather handbags also go perfectly with chiffon dresses. As far as shoes, choose toe shoes with medium heels in the classic style. Sandals and semi-boots with medium heels will also look great. Don’t forget that brightly colored shoes may emphasize the style of your apparel.

If you pick a chiffon dress, begin looking for the lingerie immediately, as not all styles and colors of lingerie will go with airy chiffon dresses. For more help on this, read our post on choosing the most suitable lingerie.

vintage style chiffon dresses with lace insertions

(vintage style chiffon dresses with lace insertions)

On the other hand, one of the main advantages of chiffon dresses is that vintage-style chiffon makes a lady into a princess regardless her age. Because this fabric evokes “fragility,” the right use of it may turn even plus-size gals into fragile and airy divas.

Chiffon dresses, like no others, will do for romantic beach walks under the moonlight, beach weddings and bridesmaids’ apparel. The black and darker chiffon outfits will make you look just like an Old Hollywood celebrity!

Happy romantic occasions in your new chiffon dress!

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