Art Deco Style: From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Part II

by Karen

Art Deco style and its elements can still be found in the collections of various designers. This look is still loved and interesting. If you want to create an image in this style, then just stick to some basic rules. The most important thing is to choose the right dress. There are many excellent examples in photos. By looking through them, you can easily recognize and understand the basis of this trend in fashion.

You want to ensure that the dress you choose to wear looks expensive since that is a hallmark of the style. Look for pieces created from natural silk or velvet. Ornamental dresses can be diverse, so you need to think about what components you like best, whether you gravitate more towards feathers or perhaps beading. Dresses may feature elements such as embroidery with lace, ribbons, crystals, or other fun details.

The next item in your wardrobe to consider is shoes. They should be simple in style to offset the drama of the clothing. Decor and ornamentation can still be present on a smaller scale. There are a plethora of great footwear options from high heels to strappy sandals to ankle boots.

Tess Bridal Shoes
The Art Deco style looks incomplete without the addition of accessories. You can use hats, veils, necklaces, earrings, clips, bracelets, gloves, small handbags or clutches to help accentuate the clothing. You can also think of hair and makeup as a way to further embellish your clothing. Your makeup for this style should be contrasting by using darker shadows, smoky eyes, and a bright lipstick. Roaring Twenties Pearl Necklace This style is perfect for a celebration or a fun night out. Depending on the length and cut of the dress, accessories, and details, the image can be restrained or frivolous. The duplicity of the look is part of what makes it so alluring.

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