An Authentic 1920s Makeup Tutorial

by Karen

An Authentic 1920s Makeup Tutorial


Even though they took place 100 years ago, the 1920s continue to captivate audiences in the modern era. The beauty, glamour, and style of the Jazz Age is something that every woman likes to recreate from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you plan on attending a Gatsby-esque party or have a romantic vintage date night with your significant other on the horizon – you’ll want to do your best to emulate an authentic 1920s woman. Start by finding a stunning dress inspired by flapper fashion. Then, try out these 1920s makeup tricks to take your look to the next level.



In the later parts of the 20th century, tan skin was decidedly in style. In the early 1920s, however, ladies preferred a flawless, porcelain complexion. Start by covering your face in a primer so that your makeup will stay in place no matter how many times you dance The Charleston. Then, cover your face with a full-coverage concealer that is just one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Finish off the look with pressed powder from a compact for old-fashioned flair.

1920s Makeup infographic



The one place where ladies in the 1920s liked to add drama was in their cheeks. Called “Rouge” in the Roaring Twenties, women didn’t have as many shades of blush available to them as we do today. For that reason, flushed cheeks were incredibly stylish. To mimic this dramatic look, find a liquid or crème blush in a medium shade of pink. Then apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend the edges until it gives you a naturally flushed appearance.


Beauty Marks


If you want to really take your look up a notch, consider drawing on a beauty mark – Jean Harlow was famous for having a faux beauty mark that she liked to move around her face depending on her preference. Use eyeliner to add one to your upper lip or under your eye for added glamour.




One look at photographs from the 1920s reveals that heavy, smoky eye looks were definitely in style during the Roaring Twenties. While you do want to emphasize your eyes, it’s important to note that women wore less eye makeup in the 1920s that we probably would in the modern day. Start by applying a lighter eyeshadow to your lid and adding dark brown or black shadow to just the corners and crease of your eyelid to make your eyes appear larger.




While eye pencils weren’t popular until the later parts of the 1920s, using this modern product will help you create a vintage-inspired look that references the past but also looks stylish in the present day. Line your upper lid with a smudge of black eyeliner and extend it just slightly past the natural line of your lid. Then, sweep some mascara on both your top and bottom lashes to finish off the look.




Today, dark eyes are often paired with lighter lips. But in the 1920s, ladies almost always used a red shade on their lips when heading out on the town. Start by finding a shade of red that complements your skin tone. Then, trace the outline of your lips with a lip liner. The “Cupid’s Bow” look was especially chic, so be sure to exaggerate the natural curvature of your upper lip just slightly. Once you have an outline in place, fill in your lips with a deep berry or red color to keep your look authentic.

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