Gatsby Style: from Head to Toe

by Karen

A 1920s themed event is one of the most interesting to dress up for. It's glamorous, it's flirty, it's beautiful and it's easy to find something to wear. Party dresses of the 20's are adorned with decorative embellishments or made with bright colors. We’ve got amazing ideas on what to wear. Take our word for it, you’ll be the prettiest flapper girl of the evening! Find out more, after the cut: First, find the dress! Choose silk, chiffon and lace. Don't be afraid to add unique and stylish embellishments, but you doesn’t have to be costume-y. It doesn’t matter what body shape you are: 1920s dresses were purposely shaped to work with curves. Opt for elegant flowing dresses, if it's hard for you to find one, then go for something simple and complete your look with themed accessories. Accessorize! One thing that's a complete must-have, is a headband. You can choose from a million different ideas: a lot of DIY videos, and thousand of shops. Glittering headpieces go with sparkling bobby pins or hair combs. Just remember to slick your hair back, for a glamorous look! The other way to add some glamorous chic to your garb, is a necklaces and heavy earrings: the classic long pearl necklace, long faceted bead necklaces, tassel necklaces, short bib necklaces, and drop earrings. And the final touch (but very important!) - go all out with gloves. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Nothing too high or wacky! Go with a modest heel, for example T-straps, and no more than 3 inches

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