1920s Flapper Fashion Dresses

by Karen

The Roaring Twenties came in history like a lion. Blaring music with trumpets and trombones ushered in the Charleston and flapper dances. Ladies were inspired with a revolution in strength of fashion as the hemlines of the dresses shortened. Corsets were a thing of the past as the famous flapper drop waist dress became in vogue. Art Deco and geometric prints became the style as well as glittering romantic embellishments such as draped jewelry and strappy kitten heels. In our first of three fabulous flapper installments, we give you some defined style advice for the vintage lover in us all – 1920s flapper fashion dresses galore.

 Geometric Gem: With art nouveau in rage and artists creating work in grand lines of iron grey and slate, 1920s flapper fashion dresses begin and end with geometric prints or beads. The elegance of a cream and slate grey colors are a great example of flapper fashion. Combined with the traditional drop waist and a floating, romantic unstructured appeal, this Nataya dress is a roaring success.

Geometric Gem fashion dress

Geometric Gem

Lacey Garden Flower: While the era seemed to be shaking off its shackles of proper etiquette and mild mannered dispositions, many ladies still desires the grace and elegance of a pretty dress in the new vogue style of 1920s flapper fashion dresses. Ladies like Miss Daisy from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby would love the clean flapper structure and flowery butter lace of this bestselling Nataya dress.
Lacey Garden Flower fashion dress
Lacey Garden Flower
Beaded Beauty: In addition to the drop waist and lifted hem, beaded fringe and accents became a roaring success. 1920s flapper fashion dresses always evoke the decadent lifestyle of this era. With a beaded flapper style dress, you have an intricate and delicate design. The higher hem would have been ideal for cocktail parties and dances in the nearest. Dancing in a beaded beauty like this would be incomparable.
Beaded Beauty 1920s flapper fashion
Beaded Beauty

Golden Autumn: Ironically, 1920s flapper fashion dresses carried a great deal of autumn and winter colors, darkening the otherwise neutral and pastel palette of earlier generations. In view of history, the 1920s were an autumn and led to the scarcity and winter of the Great Depression. Before this, however, those vintage shades of tan, taupe, pumpkin-orange and mauve were dramatic examples of 1920s flapper fashion dresses.


Metallic Queen: Metallics became popular throughout 1920s flapper fashion dresses and also art and architecture as the US modernized its mind and its surroundings. A dress with beaded metallic Art Deco designs would have been at the height of fashion in this era. The 1920s also introduced separates as fashion choices, and a duo-toned dress such as this Sue Wong is a prime example of that inspiration.
Metallic Queen 1920 flapper fashion dress
 Metallic Queen
The twenties were a time of great change and growth. Women chose a boyish, short haircut instead of their mother’s traditional long updo. Waistlines lowered and lost structure. The art world was rocking with new talent and ideas and the 1920s flapper fashion dresses were on high demand. Only 9 years later, the crash of the stock market put a damper on the festivities, but this style is still one of the most sought-after in vintage fashion today.

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