Titanic Classics by Nataya

by Karen

We have often referred to Nataya’s inimitable Titanic-inspired design as her signature, classic style, and it is found in her most recognized and beloved items. Now, let’s look at some of the bestselling Titanic-inspired models by Nataya and consider more carefully the dresses Nataya offers for the fall season. First, we’ll examine the bestselling Titanic wedding dresses. These dresses are the true bestsellers in Nataya’s collection, and they are called wedding dresses only because of their blazing white and ivory colors. The other dresses are more versatile because of their different colors and styles.

The Nataya Tea-Length Dress in Ivory is one of the top three bestselling dresses by Nataya in our wardrobeshop.com collection. The dress really evokes memories of the character Rose from James Cameron’s Titanic. Add a wide-brimmed hat in ivory that boasts a feather and is embroidered with tiny transparent beads, and you will look just like a true aristocratic lady. If you pair this Titanic style with long-toe shoes on tiny heels and a birdcage veil decorated with feathers, you will sport a true jazz look. The affordable price of this style is also easy on your wallet.
The vintage-style Titanic Dress in ivory is a classic style for ladies who love a modern feel in clothing otherwise inspired by the Old Victorian era. The best accessory for this dress is definitely a long string of pearls. Choose other accessories, and you will feel as if you are in a fairy tale epoch that takes place in a beautiful place located far, far away. The dress is suitable for weddings on days when it is uncertain as to whether conditions will be too cold or too hot.

Nataya Titanic Dress

Finally, we present the true classic Wedding Dress by Nataya. This style is really good for light beach weddings and hot summer weddings because it makes you look really breezy and airy. Again, the epoch that the dress recalls depends on the accessories. Use a crocheted white hat and a long string of pearls for a look that evokes the Roaring 1920s. On the contrary, if you prefer to wear to wide brims and flowers, you will look like a true high society lady.


There are also a ton of other Titanic-style dresses for informal brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom. Nataya’s Titanic-Style Dress in sage and ivory is the perfect outfit for informal brides or their bridesmaids. Choose your model carefully. If you plan on dressing your guests of honor or bridesmaids in the same style as your wedding gown, you won’t find better dresses than the vintage Titanic Dress in mauve, which is especially fitting for the fall. This model also looks great on mothers of the bride or groom and guests of honor such as an older sister. This apparel also boasts natural colors for juvenile bridesmaids and older, smoky-eyed ladies.


There is more. Only this fall, we have your perfect Titanic Tea Party Dress in Black Gold by Nataya! This dress inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is good for informal jazz brides, second marriages and Victorian-inspired bridesmaids. This dress is also a great model for plus-size ladies with slender legs. Again, if you wear smoky eye makeup, you will look like a true retro lady. This makeup style looks rather nice on mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom as well.


If you thought that our coverage of by Nataya’s Titanic dresses was over, you should know that we are far from done. Gothic dresses inspired by the Victorian era are also featured in her Titanic-inspired collections. Gothic brides, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom and guests of honor are the most likely individuals to wear one of these garments. Nataya’s tea-length Wedding Gown in black/silver also goes great with what we imagine when we say the word retro. As with many of Nataya’s other styles, this dress goes well with smoky eye makeup or makeup inspired by La Belle Époque.
Titanic Dress in black silver.
Another gothic-inspired model in Nataya’s Titanic line is the classic Titanic Dress in black/ silver. This dress is great for sensual dates and premiers or retro-inspired matinees when you really want to look sexy and retro.


Let’s finish with your possible gothic-inspired looks and get to the retro-inspired gowns for mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom. The Titanic-Style Dress in black/cocoa is a great outfit for ladies over the age of 50. Do you remember that some ladies need to wear darker colors when they move into their sixth decade of life? Pure black colors may make them look too old, however, so chocolate colors are better for keeping the darker shadows in these ladies’ appearances without making them looking older. Only this fall will you be able to purchase the perfect apparel for evening events and fall weddings. nataya-40007-titanic-dress-blackcoco

The Nataya-Style dress in ash/chocolate is the perfect tea-length silhouette to accentuate the natural beauty of ladies whose color types are spring and fall. Again, this style will be especially great for ladies who are over 50 and want to look rather classic. So, if you love the word retro and feel the taste of chocolate or sepia movies, this silhouette by Nataya will delight you. One of the most popular models in the Titanic style may be the Victorian-inspired Titanic Dress in sage. This vivid Titanic silhouette is great for home wedding ceremonies such as vintage-inspired tea weddings and home garden weddings. This is the most versatile Titanic style of all. It may serve as bridesmaid apparel; it may be the bridesmaid apparel for the informal bride; it may be good for retro-inspired apparel if you are the guest of honor; and, of course, this style makes any mother of the bride or groom look much younger. If you think the Titanic Line by Nataya includes only dresses, you are wrong. Nataya’s collection of jackets and tops also features her signature Titanic style. Nataya’s black jacket in the Titanic style and periwinkle Titanic Jackets are great for informal brides who want to wear trousers or skirt outfits for their wedding. These styles will bring back memories of the glam 1930s and the days of Marlene Dietrich.

Nataya’s black jacket in the Titanic

titanic style jacket

The aforementioned periwinkle jacket is a perfect match for the Titanic Skirt in ankle length. If you are looking for a good shell or cami pair to go with a Titanic-styled jacket, you will probably fall in love with Nataya’s й Camisoles in different colors such as black, mint, ivory, pink and others.
Nataya white camisoles

Nataya black camisoles
We wish you a truly excellent retro wedding and a happy vintage-inspired mood!

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