Romantic Style Vintage Dress

by Karen

Romantic vintage style white dress
The romantic style is among of the most feminine styles available to the sophisticated woman. It is based on fashion trends of the XIX century called romanticism. The modern romantic style on the other hand contains all the most feminine elements from the fashions of the past. Current-day designers have introduced a number of new names to the romantic style genre in an attempt to define the source. Some of the more common names, for instance are romantic vintage style of the twenties or romantic vintage style of the thirties. Romantic wear is the clothing that adorns women, emphasizes the beauty of the female figure and accentuates the advantages of the female body. The romantic vintage dress reflects such woman-like features as: beauty, femininity, romanticism, sensuality, elegance, softness. The silhouette of a vintage romantic style is light and soft with flowing lines. The body beautifully exposed with a variety of artistic slits and low-necks. The provocative is not always the norm as the body may be sheltered, but only if the figure is tightly outlined by the fabric. Drapes are the important element of the romantic vintage style dress. They can be placed on the bust or run down from waist to hem. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Draperies can be combined with embroidery, lace and fabric flowers, or decorative buttons. The sleeves of the romantic vintage dress are usually sheer with thingies, frills, lace, and embroidery. Tea-length is the most typical length for vintage romantic dresses. Mini skirts and dresses are excluded. Long romantic dresses looks amazing when opened at the top like at shoulders with low-necklines. The romantic vintage style refers mostly to dresses and blouses, jackets, shawls and coats. Romantic style is inherent in usage of sheer chiffon, velvet, sparkling fabrics, lace and embroidery. Vintage romantic color should be tender with a delicious tone, halftone, or a soft combination of colors without loud contrasts. The romance is mostly associated with ivory, shades of pink, sky blue and varying shades of flower colors. Patterns, such as romantic floral or fantasy are fantastic, but of course must be pleasing to the eye. The characteristic features for decoration of the romantic vintage dress are ruffles, bows, frills, flared skirts, lace, velvet and flounces. All kinds of trimmings which emphasize the flying characteristics of the fabric include embroidery, puffs and lace inserts are perfect for the romantic style dress. The variety of fasteners appropriate for the style are the shoulder, side, rear and even diagonal fastener, as well as string and lacing.

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