The Romantic-Style Dress: How to Dress Romantic

by Karen

Every woman knows recognizes a romantic rush. The romantic sense of style is inborn in every gal, but some ladies hesitate to wear certain styles of romantic dresses. Or, sometimes, it happens that they cannot define the best style for a particular occasion.


Rose romantic style dresses by Nataya


(romantic style dresses by Nataya)

Every lady definitely longs for a perfect dress to attract all eyes and hide all flaws. If you are hesitant about suitable dresses for certain affairs, you may find the following advice quite helpful:


Designers used to accentuate the waist in most of their styles. Until recently, it was commonly thought that the body’s waist area was the right location to place the waist of the dress, but now it may be placed lower according to the so-called flapper-style dress or Empire waist in Regency and Empire styles. Full skirts and semi-full skirts will always work as an indicator of the romantic style. So, if some tulle or frills are standing out on your skirt (thus, making it into full style), you may be sure that you’ve chosen the right set for the coming affair. Such a skirt, however, will work better if paired with a highly tightened top or shell. As for the Empire waist dress, its skirt may be full or tightened.

Laces and Ruches

Laces, ruches and frills are the peculiarities of the romantic style. One-shoulder tees, tops or dresses may also turn you into romantic lady. You won’t regret it if you purchase these tops in chiffon, natural silk, lace or thin wool.

Nataya Titanic Dress

(the romantic dresses by Nataya)

Light and Rigid Fabrics

Sparkling or transparent fabrics are both found in the top fashion styles. Thus, chiffon and laces are what the doctor ordered. But the dresses must not be screaming. Romantic-style dresses can be called the golden ratio between ultra fashion and modest trends.


There are no acidic or screaming colors in the romantic palette. The colors of the style tend to be light and fair. It would be impossible to single out just one color.
White vintage style dresses

(vintage style dresses 2012)

The floral print will never go out of style in romantic collections. The base wardrobe of a romantic-style lady should include many dresses with floral prints. Such dresses can be paired with a single-colored airy bolero or top. Even the newest Collection by Nataya represents one romantic-style dress in a rose print.
Romantic grey dresses by Nataya

(romantic dresses by Nataya)

Light embroidery with tulle or ribbons is an alternative to floral prints.


Silhouette features change day by day, growing more whimsical and bizarre. Still, the bust line, waistline, or both must be accentuated.
White romantic style dresses by Nataya

(romantic style dresses by Nataya)

Sleeve length is not restricted to one style. Puffy sleeves, air wing sleeves or flutter sleeves — any style of sleeves will do.


The romantic-style dress needs a wide range of romantic style décor and accessories to go with it. Possible decorations include: • a string of pearls • large, airy (silk or tulle) flowers • brooches in romantic style • artistic laces

Romantic Hairstyles

The last accent for your romantic look is the romantic-style hairdo. Perfect locks in the style of the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s may be the perfect solution for a romantic evening, whereas flapper-style locks full of gel can hardly be called the true romantic style; rather, such locks are part of the glamorous style. If you want to attract someone or create a striking look, you won’t find a better style than the romantic or neo-romantic style. Be romantic, be radiant and be shining!

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