Neither Ivory nor White: Dress Tips for Alternative Brides

by Karen

Welcome back ladies!
It seems that summer is in full swing, which means that all over the world, people will be celebrating weddings. So, to support this summer mood, we’ve made up our minds to share the ideas on non-traditional wedding styles and colors. proudly presents our tips to alternative brides for this big day.
First of all, the bride-to-be needs to focus on the background of the wedding venue. Does she want to have the ceremony at home, in a winery resort, on board a ship, at the beach, or in a lovely garden?
Garden Alternatives
Overall, a garden wedding full of gre enery demands ivory or white to delicately contrast the color scheme. However, saturated nude or ruby red are also gorgeous options. We proudly present several dresses by Nataya that are fit for this venue: the Empress dress in nude and the Othelia dress in ruby.

Beach Alternatives

The beach wedding, especially a beach with ivory or white sands is the perfect complement to our alternative dresses in light pink or cream colors. Here are some more ideas by Nataya, made especially for this type of wedding venue.
The ballerina skirt and the Titanic inspired cami in light pink are both ideal for beach parties and romantic boho style ceremonies. The pink-tea dress with the bubble bottom is also a perfect alternative to more tradition ivory or white wedding colors if you are planning a beach ceremony.
The Inga Nataya Couture closet is also full of alternative ideas for the wedding dresses in non-traditional colors. Check out the Dahlia peach, but be warned that pink, brown, or golden sands will swallow this gorgeous color. However, white or grey sands provide the perfect contrast .
The Raphaella cream dress is more versatile for the beach alternative wedding, as it will really stand out in pictures with white, grey, cream, golden and pink colors. Try to avoid dark grey colors, however.

Indoor and Country Resort Alternatives

Indoor weddings near a lake, woodsy setting, or mountains may need more saturated colors, such as lavender or periwinkle. This is especially true for places where most of the furniture comes in brown, golden, or dark chocolate colors. The Inga Nataya River Fairy Lilac dress pairs lilac shades with the Edwardian style, perfect for vintage style weddings.
Indoor wedding brides must check out the lavender shades of the Inga Nataya Sultry Elizabeth Amethyst dress. The New Vintage Titanic dress in sage and beige shades is another fantastic option for indoor venues.

On Board Alternatives

Brides on the boat must consider the Titanic style dress in gun and metal shades. The dress is a perfect choice for all ladies, regardless of their hair, skin, or eye colors .
The Amethyst/Lilac bloom dress is another great alternative dress for on board brides who love the Charleston and other fast dances. The knee length of this wedding dress is designed for this type of occasion.
Finally, we bring you the sapphire/beige dress by Nataya, an excellent choice for all boho-inspired brides who love boat promenades. The dreamy laces and tulle appliqués will put you at the center stage of your boat ceremony. They sit well against any background.
To all of our alternative brides, check out our incredible selection at to ensure that you find the perfect dress for your dream day!

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