How To Dress Like An Edwardian Lady

by Karen

How To Dress Like An Edwardian Lady

When you think of the Edwardian Era, you likely conjure up images that are whimsical and decadent. This era - which took place at the beginning of the 20th century - was incredibly romantic. It was a time when Edwardian Lady was dressed in lightweight, luxurious dresses and attended classy garden parties on lavish estates. Programs like “Downton Abbey” especially make the entire time period look simply exquisite. If you want to add a touch of Edwardian elegance to your everyday life, don’t hold back. There are plenty of ways to put an Edwardian twist on your wardrobe while still embracing modern trends.


Luxurious Gowns

Vintage inspired gown made with lackluster fabrics

Don’t hesitate to make Edwardian fashion a part of your wardrobe. The best way to do so is to find modern dresses that are designed to be true to the era. Look for a gown that is floor length, features a relaxed fit, and includes an embellished or embroidered overlay. Be sure to find a gown that is made with high-quality fabrics, even if it happens to cost a bit more. A vintage-inspired gown made with lackluster fabrics tends to look too costume-y. Here, she wears an authentic gown that is made of fine, luxurious fabrics. The embroidered overlay and scalloped hemline add a touch of old-world glamour, while pops of color at the waist, bust, and hem add an extra dimension. The sheer sleeves and lovely neckline remain true to the Edwardian era and the entire look recalls a time when women were seemingly effortless in their beauty.


Inspired Hair & Makeup

20 fashion Edwardian Era with a hat from wardrobeshop
How you style yourself is also important when it comes to putting a vintage twist on your everyday appearance. In the Edwardian era, women kept their hair long but swept it up into elaborate up-dos. The most popular hairstyle from the era, however, is the one worn by the iconic Gibson Girl. Her hair is essentially a topknot with dramatic, teased roots. While this style references a bygone era, it is still definitely on-trend in the modern day. Edwardian makeup wasn’t very elaborate. Instead, women from that time period opted for a fresh-faced look. To create that look today, stay away from heavy foundations or shiny highlighters. Instead, focus on your skincare routine so you always look naturally luminous. A couple coats of mascara, a touch of blush, and a soft, red lipstick are all you need to mimic the look of an elegant Edwardian lady.

Appropriate Accessories

When your entire look is authentically inspired, don’t think you can’t mix in some modern-day elements as well. Certain accessories that are popular today will enhance your look and update it - just a bit - so that it still aligns with the modern era. A pop of color is always on-trend. A hat with a wide brim and bright blue plumes provide an unexpected twist. If you have a jeweled statement necklace that you love, don’t be afraid to pair it with your beautiful gown. Dresses from the Edwardian Era almost always featured an open neckline that is well-suited for wear with an eye-catching necklace or other accouterments.

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