Edwardian Era Excitement

by Karen

Call them costume parties. Call them balls. Or call it a festival. All are true. The Edwardian Era was a time of extravagance and chivalry and grandness and fun. Gentleman had swagger, and ladies had elegance. Jazz bands and orchestra ensembles played in the backgrounds of the most attended venues. As well as card tricks and magic, trapeze acts, and some of the most outlandish outfits; all fit in at one of these events. So, where are these fun escapes happening in this era?

Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Ruby by Nataya

Believe it or not, there are Edwardian Festivals and Balls all over throughout the year. From San Francisco and Los Angeles in California to all over Europe. If you want to attend one of these Edwardian high fashion, high fun events you will need a few items in your wardrobe, a relaxed mood, and the ability to enjoy whatever is in front of you. A few of the events from past festivals have included comedy acts, ballroom dancing, tarot card reading, trapeze artists, and so much more. Most balls include a portrait booth as well, so your memories will last forever. Breakout your corset, lace, and garter ladies; men do up your pinstripes and top hats; and find a ball to attend soon. Here is a list of some of the events in the United States:

  • San Francisco hosts an annual fair in January. In 2014 it was at the Regency Ballroom.
  • Los Angeles also hosts an annual fair, but in February. In 2014 it was at the Fonda Theater.
  • Raymond, New Hampshire has a smaller, more sophisticated take on the Edwardian Era and hosts an annual tea party at the Dudley-Tucker Library. In 2014 the event took place in August.
  • St. Louis, Missouri had the Titanic Centennial Weekend in April during 2014.
For events in Europe, the list is enormous. Here are a few of the best:
  • Grange-Over-Sands takes place in June in Park Road Gardens in Cumbria.
  • Langtry Manor in Bournemouth, United Kingdom offers a weekly Edwardian Dinner Party experience complete with a six course meal, staff in Edwardian attire, and a setting that includes a minstrel show.
  • At Powis Castle and Garden in Welshpool, in June, a summer garden party is in full swing. Long dresses, parasols, music, and crafts dot the green lawns of this festival.
Whether you are looking for a relaxing summer tea or garden party, or a full-fledged-everything-goes festival; the Edwardian Era has something to offer you.

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