Best vintage inspired ideas for wedding: Royal Empire Ship wedding

by Karen

Most ladies try to make the best day of lives a fairy tale. But when the imagination begins to turn into reality and the wedding day nears, the fairy tale itself must come true. The idea of a royal empire wedding is really unique and you will remember your own fairy tale for the rest of your life. The idea of a Royal Empire Ship Weddings appeared after the Titanic movie. People were reminded about the luxury and exotic weddings on board a ship. But most people forget about the Titanic’s sister ships like the Britannic and RMS Olympic. These ships served as ocean liners and the Olympic was the luckiest of all three ships. But nowadays the idea of vintageous royal weddings onboard a ship got their re-birth. Many boats have small halls and restaurants in retro style of early 10’s and 20’s. These halls and restaurants may have low cost rent and you will likely not have many guests. You may even not have to rent as your guests will be passengers on board. As for the groom’s attire…frocks and groom sets are usually best. So if you do not have one, rent it. You can save money and book a local cruise or you can book a luxurious round trip boat with the prospects of a honey moon in your future. And the most unique thing about this wedding is that you will be married by the captain of the boat. Isn’t it great? No vehicles for guests… no special menu… sea inspired wedding cakes and any flowers will make your wedding really splendid! But orchids will look best and provide a suitable match for your royal empire style. Regardless of how splendid the wedding party looks, it’s nothing without a stunning wedding gown for your Royal Ship Empire wedding. Here are some special ideas of Nataya vintage dresses which may be a wonderful match to a cozy retro hall or boat restaurant. Vintage informal Nataya dress in Lime is one possible cozy choice for a navy themed wedding.

Nataya dress in Lime

 Nataya Romantic wedding gown is one more idea for bridal apparel. It will keep a theme to your wedding.

Nataya Romantic wedding gown

 Nataya Vintage wedding dress with it’s long length, this dress will give you a look of the early 20’s the best days of the Empire when nobody even heard about Great Depression.

Nataya Vintage wedding dress

 Nataya Titanic Ivory wedding gown will be the best choice for those who do not have superstition and believe the boat’s luxury will bring it to life. The lace and embroidery decorations will mark this a truly luxury navy line.

Nataya Titanic Ivory wedding gown

 If you are not meant to have a veil and want to make your hairdo with orchid blossoms, one of the best ideas for such a look is the Vintage Empire dress. Wardrobeshop carries both classic white gown for snow white blossom and sage for pink and peach blossom.

Vintage White Empire dress

 If you are keen on light and short length you may try on a Romantic Second Wedding dress. It will look very graceful, even on plump ladies.

Romantic Second Wedding in white dress

 Whatever your Nataya Wedding choice is, you cannot go wrong. Full steam ahead, ladies! Your new life begins at sea the ocean.

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