A Titanic Engagement

by Karen

It is more than just the tragedy of the historic iceberg collision that set the time period of the Titanic Era. The fashion of the early 1900s was coming into a new and arguably sophisticated realm. Ladies and even gentlemen were trying out new styles of clothing. They were ditching the fullness of the Victorian era and still less restrictive than the Edwardian period but hadn't come full on into the flash of the Gatsby era.
Planning an engagement party with the Titanic Era in mind, keep the dresses below the knee and the colors mute. For instance, the Nataya Titanic Tea dress in black and silver would be the perfect match for a day or evening event. This particular dress is exactly the style everyone in their twenties would be looking for. For the older ladies like the mother of the bride, a mauve or taupe dress like the New Titanic Dress by Nataya is what would be worn.
Titanic Tea Party Dress in Black-Silver by Nataya
A Titanic Engagement
New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
 A Titanic Engagement
Match either of these dresses with either leather or silk short heels. A small headpiece or hat and matching kid gloves would make this perfect for an evening event. If you are planning the party for cooler temperatures, you will need a shawl. This long rectangular silver shawl would be an excellent choice. And, get rid of the corset!
Vintage grey shawl
A Titanic Engagement
Party in the park, have a tea party, or just have a lounge party in the garden. A lazy day of ease is acceptable for this period. Turn on the phonograph or have a brass band and your daytime engagement party will be a proper affair. For a night display, a small orchestra is all that is need to set the ambiance.

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