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40007 New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
New Vintage Titanic Tea Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
from $249.00 USD
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown 40163 in Sage by Nataya
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Sage by Nataya
from $275.00 USD
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown 40163 in Emerald by Nataya
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Emerald by Nataya
from $275.00 USD
Gianna Vintage Style Party Dress in Sage by Nataya
$184.00 USD
1920s Cocktail Party Dress in Teal
$240.00 USD
Vivian Vintage Style Wedding Gown in Emerald by Nataya
from $290.00 USD
1920 Style Beaded Dress in Teal
$208.00 USD

The Rise of Vintage Clothing

Recent years have seen a rise in vintage clothing. The increasing popularity raises the demand. Thus, you should have an understanding of how fashion trends have changed over the decades, especially for weddings. But that's why our vintage-style dresses for weddings are here.

Vintage dresses cover the fashion trends vaguely from the 1920s to the 1990s. Popular examples include flapper-style wedding dresses. Choosing your bridal wear is one of the most excruciating tasks and the best one in our wedding planning.

The limitless designs with different shapes, necklines, materials, embellishments, and so much more can make a choice even more difficult.

But timeless classics never go out of fashion. That is where our vintage-inspired wedding dresses come into play to help you make a great decision.

Traditional and Classic Wedding Designs

Traditional and classical designs never go out of fashion. These designs are deemed incredibly romantic, making them extremely popular. Each of our bridal vintage dress represents the same idea. Our dresses have a simple, refined, and elegant approach, making them perfect for a sophisticated wedding.

Our structured fabrics adorned with embellishments and laces are the perfect wedding dress. The bridal dresses inspired by the vintage era have a fitted bodice and a long-length skirt that grows in volume.

Vintage-Inspired Dresses for Your Wedding

Vintage bridal wear also falls into two categories: post and pre-twentieth century. The 1950s era reflected tea party dresses with full lace gowns. Our tea party wedding dresses derive designs from the same idea to make a stunning outfit.

The second category is the reflection of the Victorian style. Another spectacular era was the 1920s. Wedding dresses in a vintage style inspired by this era has a combination of beadwork with laces and beautiful embellishments. The 1970s era was another great fashion decade that resemble boho dresses. Dresses from this era are flowy and soft but have bow necklines with exaggerated sleeves. Thus, vintage dresses are always a great option for your wedding.

Beautiful White Dresses

A vintage style wedding dress can never go wrong with white. The color white for weddings symbolizes purity. The ivory and cream color becomes more flattering to the complexion too. Our white vintage dresses are a beautiful collection for any wedding. They come with stunning beadwork that makes them absolutely tremendous.